Steelseries Siberia 150 Gaming Headset Review

This luminous glowing headset that you may have seen at gaming events and been questioning, is the Steelseries Siberia 150. Although on a first glance it looks like a very standard headset and quite bland, this all changes when plugged into an electrical device. The ear cups will light up with bright rings, of which the colour can be chosen by the user. The Siberia is a mid range, so do not expect the same quality and extravagance as the higher end headsets such as the Tiamat or A40 by Astro.

SteelSeries Siberia 150 Gaming Headset
List Price: $59.99
Price: $52.99
You Save: $7.00
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Definitely one of the better designed headsets of the modern day era. Featuring a comfortable padding across the top head-strap, the Siberia is easy to wear for long hours of gaming. I tested the headset by using it for over 12 hours in one session, the only time the headset came off was for bathroom breaks and I can say that this is truly one of the most comfortable headsets I have worn. Large padding on the ear cups could be seen as excessive but I felt no pain or discomfort at all and was very happy with the comfort the headset provided.


When it comes to performance on this headset, it performs well. However if you are to compare this headset to other top gaming headsets available right now, it may not be quite on the same level. The audio quality is good, but it is nothing special. You can change the sound levels in the Steelseries Engine software and mess around with the visuals of the headset in the same programme. For performance we are used to hearing very bad quality audio or extremely crystal clear audio from the other top brands such as Razer, but with this headset it does enough and someone who isn’t super sensitive with their ears might not notice the average quality audio. So overall when it comes to performance it doesn’t do amazing, but it doesn’t completely suck at the same time.

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