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When it comes to Gaming Mice it’s very difficult to find a cheap gaming mouse that can suit your needs. This article should provide the best gaming mouse for under 50$ that you can find on the internet. We will provide a mouse that can suit your FPS, MMO and a general mouse that completes most gaming tasks for a very good price.

Beware that compared to some of the most elite mice in the market such as the Razer Deathadder or the Razer Naga, you will loose out on durability and features. So before purchasing a budget gaming mouse, know that it may not last for years on end, although some do. It will most likely be weighted unevenly, and be less aesthetically pleasing, but if none of that matters to you, then a budget gaming mouse is great for you.

MMO: Redragon M901 FPS: Logitech G402 GENERIC: Redragon M601
List Price $99.99 $59.99 $31.99
Brand Redragon LogiMouse Redragon
Model M901 910-004069 DS-2493
Publisher Redragon Logitech Redragon

Best Cheap MMO Mouse

So when it comes to MMO mice, we need many programmable buttons. m901 embedFor that we would originally recommend the Razer Naga, or the Logitech G600, however for those of us on a budget the next best thing is the Redragon M901 Perdition. It comes with over 18 programmable buttons, which is plenty even for the MMO games such as World of Warcraft that require tons of buttons for all your characters. It also features 16400 DPI, which will give you extreme accuracy, when it comes to targeting specific pixels, so never expect to miss a click again.

The shape and design of the mouse is very similar to that of a Logitech G600. It has a matte black finish throughout, with the scroll wheel coloured in a bright red. You can also programme your preferred colour of LED lighting on the mouse.

The only downside that comes with this mouse compared to the more pricier alternatives, is the weight of the mouse. It’s quite a bit heavier than other mice of similar specifications, but for half the price of the more expensive brands, it’s certainly a steal.

Best Cheap FPS Mouse

FPS mice require excellent precision, and a lightweight durable feel. g402 embedThe sensors in the mouse need to be spot on, because if your even 1 pixel off, or your reaction is to slow, it can cost you a loss in an FPS style game. We do not recommend saving money when it comes to FPS, and recommend staying with reputable brands. We therefore recommend the Logitech G402.

It features an adjustable DPI from 250 all the way up to 4000. This makes the mouse very accurate. It also has a very low response time, meaning your reaction times will be all that faster than your opponents.

Logitech has built the mouse to be very lightweight and as it weighs 103 grams, way under the weight of many more expensive brands, it clearly makes it an excellent choice. Logitech has a long standing brand in the gaming mice industry, and the mouse will last for years on end of excessive use, with that they also give warranty if the mouse ever does become faulty.

Overall Best Cheap Gaming Mouse

When it comes to being cheap on a gaming mouse, $14 is really the lowest you can go. m601 embedThe Redragon M601¬†offers the most basic needs for a gamer. Whilst it isn’t the most accurate, it can still perform reasonably well. The DPI can be adjusted up to 2000, which provides an accuracy similar to that of which you would use on a more expensive mouse.

Weirdly¬†the design is very aesthetically pleasing for a cheap mouse, and it has some nice LED lighting, and is coloured in a matte black finish. This mouse is an excellent starter mouse, is perfect for the gamer who is on a budget and can’t afford much else.

With such cheap pricing, you can expect some downsides. Surprisingly the only downfall is the sometimes lacklustre tracking. So if accuracy is your number 1 reason for buying a gaming mouse, this might not be for you, as it can’t perform 100% of the time.

Overall when looking for value for money, the best you can get is with the M601.

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