Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3 Speaker Review

Are you struggling when it comes to finding the perfect speakers? If your answer is yes, probably this article is the problem-solving you’ve been looking for. Any clue? Cambridge SoundWorks Speakers.

Let’s be sincere, there are hundreds of really good speakers in the market right now. You can choose from hundreds of them and end up really satisfied. But, those incredible speakers usually cost a ton of money, and that’s not a viable option for you.

Incredible yet, is the fact that there are a few of speakers that sound great, with great quality and the price tag? Even greater.

Features, sound quality, and durability are mandatory, but a price tag within your budget is critical.

Having said that, you will be wondering what are those speakers. One of those excellent speakers with great value and incredible ratings are the Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3.


Well, the OontZ angle 3 hasn’t the best design out there (comparing it with 100$+ speakers). However, you can find these speakers for only 30$ and that’s something that gives real beauty.

The design is not that bad, actually is perfect for its price range. It counts with an acceptable modern design which is made with round edges and an attractive triangle shape.

It feels real sturdy in the hand, which is really good. Its striking triangled design, with angles, is accompanied with a convenient portable design. In addition, its size is compact and it can fit almost everywhere, backpacks and even some bulky pockets.


Honestly, Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3 worth only 30$, but it feels like 80-100$ speaker. The performance is surprisingly good, probably the best of its price tag. The bass is pretty good with solid mids and highs thanks to its acoustic drivers.

In volume matter, it managed pretty well. It’s a really small device, so don’t expect getting a loud volume to hear it from dozens of meter away. Anyways, if you keep it 5-10 meter of distance, you will get a loud and impressive sound.

Even some small parties can have a blast with these speakers.

Now, in battery life feature is where these speakers stand out. The massive 2200mAH for such a small device delivers an outstanding duration of 7 hours of playtime on full volume. Even more impressive, if you keep it in mid volume it may last up to 12 hours playing nonstop.


Among the great things about the Cambridge SoundWorks speaker are its features. It’s a complete package of features and functionalities.

The water resistant IPX5 provides splash-proof, rainproof, dustproof and sandproof properties. These properties make these speakers just perfect to carry them to the beach, pool, fields, everywhere.

It’s fully compatible with any Bluetooth devices, regardless if they are iOS, Android, PC or any device with Bluetooth feature. Also, it’s equipped with the traditional 3.5mm audio jack to connect devices without Bluetooth.

Something unexpected for such a price tag is its built-in mic. Honestly, how many speakers under 80$ have this feature? A selected few actually.

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