Get the Sleep You Need with These Android Apps

If you have trouble sleeping it can’t hurt to take advantage of whatever technology and apps could help you get better sleep at night. As important as sleep is it’s essential to make use of the tools at your disposal, some of them can really have an impact.

1) Sleep Time

With just over 4 stars on Google Play, Sleep Time looks like a pretty useful app. It features an alarm clock with soothing sounds to wake up to, and it will wake you at the right sleep phase. It has sleep cycle analysis through Sleep Guru, Sleep Genius, and Sleep Lab. It will give you a sleep score and inform you about your duration of sleep, sleep cycle, and REM cycle. Sleep Time gives you graphs and sleep history, so you better understand how you sleep.

2) Good Morning Alarm Clock

This app also wakes you up at the optimal time, and it can give you data on your sleeping habits. The smart alarm clock wakes you up slowly and softly when you are sleeping lightly so that you wake up more rested. It also features detailed statistics and sleep analysis and peaceful natural music.

3) Sleep as Android

This is a great app; in fact, it is one of the best sleep tracker apps and happens to support many smartwatches and other wearables. If you pair it with something on the list of top wearable sleep monitoring devices, you will have a great tool to help you sleep better.

It wakes you up at the optimal moment, has a smart light, records snoring, and it’s even integrated with major health services.

4) Digipill

Boasting itself to be the world’s #1 self-help app, Digipill claims it can not only prevent insomnia but help you lose weight, gain confidence, reduce stress, increase motivation, even be more creative. Digipill works by using NLP and psychoacoustics to alter your perception, behavior, and mood by unlocking your subconscious.

5) Runtastic Sleep Better

You can track sleep patterns, monitor dreams, wake up refreshed, and also improve your sleep habits with Runtastic Sleep Better. It has a sleep clock, sleep timer, and smart alarm clock sounds. Use it to track things like exercise, stress, alcohol and caffeine consumption, and learn how these affect your sleep. It has a sleep diary and even works in airplane mode.

6) Relax & Sleep Well

Some people find hypnosis and meditation to be very helpful in falling and even staying sleep, which is what this app by Glenn Harrold is aimed to do. There are four hypnotherapy and free meditation recordings, and more than 80 that you can buy in the app which covers a range of topics including insomnia and much more.

It features background affirmations and uses only the state-of-the-art recording technology combined with the latest meditation and hypnosis techniques.

7) Sleep Cycle

Track your sleep from the time you go to bed to the morning with this app. It features a smart alarm clock as well as detailed sleep analysis and detailed reports. It gives a gentle wake-up call when you’re in a light sleep phase, and it can help you relax at bedtime and then it will give you data about how you slept. This app has a series of free and premium features to enjoy.

8) Nap Time Sleep Tracker

You will get a smart alarm or sleep cycle alarm clock with this app, screen dimmer, red filter, dream journal, sleep sounds, sleep stats, tracker, and analysis, and much more with the Nap Time Sleep Tracker. The app monitors your movement at night to determine wakefulness and sleep. It helps you to learn more about your exact sleep pattern.

9) Alarm Clock Xtreme

Alarm Clock Xtreme gives you a sleep timer and sleep guru, sleep diary, and alarm clock. It gives you a sleep score and analysis and the guru can give you tips on how to sleep better. Put your phone under your pillow, and it will detect movements as you sleep and track things like dreaming and snoring. It comes with peaceful sounds and will give you data on how you slept.

10) Do I Snore or Grind

Turn on this app, and in the morning you can check out the sounds you may have made as you slept. Find out if you snore or grind your teeth in your sleep. You can use this app for 5 nights free, after which you will have to switch to the paid version if you want to continue using. You can also use this app to determine if you snore more while sleeping light or deeply. The app also has remedies and factors that may cause snoring and grinding.


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