Bose SoundLink Mini II Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Bose SoundLink Mini II Bluetooth Speaker is a compact wireless Bluetooth speaker that connects to an array of devices and is small and light enough to take anywhere on the go.

Bose SoundLink Mini II Review


Quality sound

Bose is a name synonymous with high quality audio, but they take that a step further with the SoundLink Mini by focusing on the bass, which is often overlooked in small, portable wireless speakers. bose soundlink mini II bluetooth rangeWith the powerful bass, full-bodied highs and mids, and excellent volume capacity, the quality of Bose is definitely apparent in the SoundLink.

Easy Bluetooth pairing

The Bose SoundLink pairs with any Bluetooth compatible device, such as your tablet, smartphone and laptop. Pairing is already pretty simple, but to make it even easier, the Bose SoundLink Mini provides voice prompts that walk you through the process—perfect for those who are unfamiliar with device pairing.

Long battery life

This compact powerhouse wireless speaker is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for superior performance. A full charge on the li-ion battery yields 10 hours of quality music playback. Additionally, charging is super easy, thanks to the charging cradle for home use. If you’re traveling, you also have the option to charge via any USB device.

Built-in speakerphone

While many portable wireless speakers can technically be used as speakerphones, the Bose offering makes life a lot easier by having the speakerphone already built-in. bose soundlink mini II portsThat means you don’t have to go through any complicated processes once your device is paired, and conference calls come in as loud and clear as your favorite songs.


The length of a human hand, and weighing just 1.5lbs, the Bose SoundLink Mini easily slips into your bag or pocket for on-the-go quality sound.

First impression

The Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II has the definite Bose aesthetic: modern yet completely natural in virtually any home, which will suit most people’s tastes just fine. (They do offer optional covers for extra customization, if you’re into that sort of thing, though.)

Pairing the SoundLink with my phone, laptop and tablet were all very easy. The voice guide definitely makes it easier—especially for those who aren’t used to pairing devices. (Admittedly, I wasn’t used to pairing devices until a few years ago—and I’m supposed to be techy.) With that in mind, it’d make a good portable speaker choice if you’re looking to give it as a gift to your parents or someone of an older generation who isn’t necessarily up on the latest technology.

The sound quality on the Bose SoundLink is by far its strongest feature. bose soundlink mini II controlsAfter all, Bose is a name synonymous with speakers and audio devices in general, so if any portable Bluetooth speaker were to live up to the sound hype, this one would have to be it.

The overall sound is full-bodied and cinematic for a device this small. Of course, it’s not going to compare to a deluxe home audio sound system—that would be asking too much. But for a compact portable device? You really can’t beat the overall sound. The highs are clear, the mids are rich and the bass is prominent and thunderous, which bass fans will absolutely appreciate, since one of the biggest complaints about compact portable speakers in general is that there is never enough bass—that just isn’t a problem with this Bose offering.

Volume is also on-point. Just from my layperson’s reckoning, I think the extra weight (it’s still super-lightweight at 1.5lbs, but definitely weighs more than competitors) is part of what makes this speaker so audially robust, not just in terms of sound quality and depth, but also from a volume standpoint. As with the bass issue, compact wireless speakers are often accused of simply not being loud enough. And it’s true that their size inherently limits them. However, once again, the Bose circumnavigates this seemingly inherent issue and the difference is noticeable. Unlike comparable devices, you don’t need multiples just to be able to hear them poolside, which is appreciated.

I also like how you have different recharging options. The charging cradled is a nice touch, and I definitely use it when at home. But the fact that you have a lot of different ways to recharge is optimal for folks on the go, like myself, so Bose gets a big thumbs up on that front as well.

As for overall battery life, I didn’t sit there with a stopwatch and measure 10 hours, but it definitely lasted about that long on my test run. Recharging is quick, so the 10-hour battery life isn’t a shortcoming and will definitely more than fit the needs of most.

Since I’m often on the go, I also like the fact that you can use this as a speakerphone. The sound quality is awesome and it makes using the speakerphone actually feel handy instead of cumbersome. After all, the speakerphone feature on most smartphones sucks so bad, who even uses it anyway? This will make you actually use speakerphone again.


The warranty from Bose covers a 1-year period, which jumps to 2 years if you live in the EU.

Final verdict

The Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II provides excellent sound quality and great volume, making it a great companion for lounging by the pool or chilling by the campfire.

  • Robust sound profile with deep, thunder bass
  • Great volume capabilities
  • Easy Bluetooth pairing with audio prompts for extra ease
  • 30ft Bluetooth range
  • Built-in speakerphone functionality
  • 10-hour battery life
  • Rechargeable li-ion battery powered
  • Multiple ways to recharge
  • Charging cradle included
  • Wall charger included
  • Cable included
  • Lightweight at 1.5lbs
  • Ultraportable
  • Looks nice, great aesthetics
  • Optional covers to change appearance for personalization

  • It’s a bit heavier than many of its portable Bluetooth speaker competitors; however, the difference is only around a half of a pound, so it’s still lightweight enough to carry in your pocket. Plus, being heavier is a tradeoff for superior sound quality—in that light, many might consider it a pro.bose soundlink mini II bluetooth speaker

Bose SoundLink Mini II
  • Design & Quality
  • Performance


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