FUGOO Style Bluetooth Speaker Review

The FUGOO Style is a portable Bluetooth speaker with spectacular sound capabilities all in a sleeker, more elegant package than its sportier FUGOO counterparts, making it a great choice for when style is a major consideration.

FUGOO Style Review


360-degree sound

The FUGOO Style achieved 360-degree high fidelity sound thanks to its six-speaker system that features two tweeters, two woofers, and two passive radiators. fugoo style sideThere are four active drivers, and the system is angled upward at 8 degrees to insure optimal audio quality.

Ultralong battery life

FUGOO prides itself on industry-leading battery life. Like its sister speakers, the FUGOO Style has an impressive 40 hours of battery life at 50% volume. This makes it a great choice for when you’re going to be “unplugged” for a while.

Full duplex speakerphone

The FUGOO Style is an excellent portable Bluetooth speaker for business types on the go. It features an omnidirectional mic and a full duplex speakerphone system. fugoo style back

You can easily activate Siri and Google Now with vocal commands, and get your daily news brief, send texts, and initiate a conference call with your colleges. This handsfree option is great for when you’re just too busy to reach for the remote control.


Once again, the FUGOO Style takes the lead from its sportier sister speakers in the FUGOO lineup by being durably waterproof down to a depth of 3 feet for a total of thirty minutes. Thirty minutes may not sound like a lot, but it’s the time it takes to stream a sitcom on Netflix, so when you put it in that context, it really brings it home just how waterproof this baby is.


While its stylish exterior may suggest otherwise, the FUGOO Style can hold its own in the outdoors. Water isn’t the only element it’s immune to: It’s mudproof/dustproof as well as sandproof, making it a great option for your next bonfire on the beach.

First impression

I’m a big fan of the simple design of the FUGOO Style. fugoo style componentsThere are three color options: red, sand and charcoal. While basic, they are also minimalistic, chic and modern, which is likely exactly what FUGOO intended.

Lightweight, it easily carries in a messenger bag or purse, making it the ultimate in portability. On that note, portability often is synonymous with poor sound quality, but that’s not the case here. The FUGOO Style’s sound is surprisingly rich and a lot heavier on the bass than I expected, making it very likeable.


The FUGOO Style is covered by a one-year warranty and a 30-day return period.

Final verdict

The FUGOO Style bears the same quality and premium features that its sister FUGOO portable Bluetooth speakers do—just in a more stylish package. But that more stylish look is going to be a huge draw for many who want to impress their party guests by the pool or use it as an office speaker, which will be seen by coworkers, employers and clients alike, and therefore must look sleek. Sound quality is, of course, brilliant, thanks to FUGOO’s innovative six-speaker design, and it’s a very rugged portable speaker as well. The ability to activate Siri and Google Now with your voice is a huge added plus, making it a great choice for anyone who needs a portable speaker that helps with productivity. I definitely recommend the FUGOO Style for all of these reasons.

  • 360-degree high fidelity sound
  • Six speakers
  • 4 active drivers
  • Two tweeters, two woofers, two passive radiators
  • Weatherproof
  • Waterproof (down to 3 feet for 30 minutes)
  • Mud/dust/sandproof
  • 40-hour ultralong battery life at 50% volume
  • Voice-enabled speakerphone allows you to easily activate Siri and Google Now
  • Make conference calls with HQ sound on the go
  • Comes in three chic jacket coverings—red, sand and charcoal—for a customized look
  • Easy to use and synch with Bluetooth
  • Lightweight at 15.5 ounces

  • Like many portable speakers, it’s just not going to be as loud as a home sound system—or ultra-loud headphones for that matter. This is a thing with most portable speakers, but for those hard of hearing, it can be an issue.
  • Some have complained about lack of bass; others say its full-bodied and powerful. This could indicate a preference issue more than a true con, but it’s worth mentioning just in case someone reading this likes their bass louder than the mid and highs.fugoo style


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