SoundBot SB510 Water Resistant Shower Bluetooth Speaker 3.0 Review

The SoundBot SB510 HD Water Resistant Bluetooth 3.0 Shower Speaker is a speaker designed with in-shower use in mind, with handy features like great sound quality and quick-access, onboard controls.

SoundBot SB510 Review


HD sound

soundbot sb510 bluetooth speakerThe SoundBot SB510 features an advanced loud speaker cavity structure that allows soundwaves to come off clearer and truer, the way they were meant to sound all along. Additionally, SoundBot uses technology to reduce noise production and echo, which is especially great for a shower-centric speaker like this one.


The SoundBot SB510’s HD loudspeaker is water-resistant, and its surface is splash proof. While it’s designed to be a shower speaker, this means you can use it outside by the pool or on a day you know it might rain.

Universal Bluetooth compatibility

soundbot sb510 box contentsThanks to its utilization of Bluetooth 3.0, the SB510 Shower Speaker is universally compatible with all Bluetooth compatible devices from iPhones to laptops to tablets and more. Additionally, it’s backwards compatible as well, so you don’t have to worry about devices that are using an older version of Bluetooth conflicting with the SB510.

Built-in microphone

The built-in microphone allows you to take hands-free calls while you’re in the shower or swimming in the pool, making it a very handy water-resistant speakerphone substitute.

Dedicated control buttons

Dedicated control buttons are featured on the front of the speaker, all clearly labeled, showing you which ones do what. It’s very straightforward and modernly minimal.

First impression

Since it’s designed to be, for lack of better word, “fun”, the SoundBot SB510 Shower Speaker comes in a variety of colors, which I can see being popular with kids. (I have the blue one and it looks great.)

soundbot sb510 sizeI’ve had devices in the past that are supposed to stick to your wall with the provided suction cup and all of them have been failures, no matter what I try, so naturally I expected the SoundBot to fail and fall and go splat as well—but it didn’t. It stuck, which was, frankly, a good omen, in my opinion. I also like that you can remove the suction cup; it looks less tacky like that if you want to use it in front of company around the pool, for instance.

As far as sound goes, I think the sound quality is pretty spectacular, considering it’s a smallish wireless speaker. Small speakers aren’t really known for their great sound in general, but SoundBot is definitely one of the best small speakers I’ve ever listened to. The full soundscape is there and perfectly audible. You can hear robust mids, grumbling basses, and ringing highs. You wouldn’t expect to hear the full audio spectrum—especially in the shower—and I wouldn’t have believed it until I heard it for myself. Again, it won’t compare with some fancy studio-quality sound system, but for the shower? You can’t beat the audio quality.

Pairing with the phone and other devices is super easy. I know a lot of people hate the pairing process or get frustrated by it, but I experienced no problems.

I’m happy enough with the SoundBot that I’m considering getting one for my kids’ bathroom.


The SoundBot SB510 HD Water Resistant Bluetooth 3.0 Shower Speaker comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Final verdict

The SoundBot SB510 Shower Speaker makes a fun addition to shower time, thanks to its ability to provide reliable, quality sound while I take my morning shower—it’s definitely a keeper.

  • HD sound: clear highs, powerful mids, deep bass
  • Enhanced speaker cavity architecture for improved compact sound
  • Water-resistant
  • Splash-proof
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • 33-feet wireless Bluetooth range
  • Universal Bluetooth compatibility
  • Backwards and forwards compatible—no worries about obsolescence
  • USB charging cable included
  • Removable suction cup included for shower usage
  • 6-hour music playback
  • Quick 3-hour charge time
  • Easy to use controls
  • You can further increase volume via paired devices like your smartphone
  • Built-in microphone makes for a great water-resistant speakerphone
  • SoundBot is known for good customer service
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

  • The AC wall charger isn’t included, which is a bit annoying, but if you have a spare one lying around, this won’t be too troublesome. The USB charging cable is included.soundbot sb510


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