ACA Network ICO Review: Transparency In Advertising

What is the ACA Network?

The ACA Network is currently centered in Japan but hopes to expand to other countries as well. After the US and China, Japan has the third-largest distribution of advertising funds. From local tech companies to global organizations, online advertising topped $10 Billion USD which was split between smartphone and PC advertising.

Despite the massive advertising market, however, many advertisers are unsatisfied with what they’re getting in return. For the money that they’re spending, they feel that they should be getting more targeted marketing and receive higher popularity. This is due to a lack of clarity between advertisers and the advertising agencies. The ACA Network will be a platform where terms, conditions, and decentralized market data will be laid out clear and plain for both parties to understand.

aca network ico reviewAspects

  • Data Transparency: When global companies go into a foreign country, they often need to adopt new methods and cater to a completely different market. Advertising agencies have this data and often use it to manipulate their clients. On the ACA Network, all of this data will be laid out for both parties to see.
  • Defined Terms: Defining clear terms of where money should be spent and what type of advertising campaigns should be run is important to ensure that every dollar spent on advertising has a direct purpose.
  • Maximizing Advertising Revenue: With accurate market data and clearly defined terms, advertisers will be able to see exactly where their ad money is going, and what brings the highest return. This will allow them to work with advertising agencies to create clear and targeted campaigns that will maximize advertising revenue.

What Issue Does it Solve?

Advertising agencies have long held the power in their hands with their knowledge of the market. One of the most frequent complaints from advertising clients is that their agencies are wasting money and that they’re not seeing the return on investment that they would like. Often, advertising agencies fail to share important data and numbers with their clients, and this gap of information causes friction and lost revenue.

The ACA Network aims to create a platform where data is readily available to all, and where advertisers and agencies can operate with complete transparency. This will help to rebuild trust between the two parties and ensure that less money is wasted.

Token Sale Information

Disclaimer: All information on this post is made to educate our readers. Don’t invest in any ICO unless you’re confident about its capabilities and do so at your own risk.

  • The ACA Network is based in Japan, the third-largest advertising industry in the world
  • The ACA Network provides a platform that ensures trust and integrity between parties
  • The platform will ensure that data and terms are clear, and will allow companies to maximize ad revenue

  • While the advertisers may really benefit from a platform like this, the advertising agencies might be more reluctant to give up their control of information

ACA Network


The ACA Network, if successful, will be able to repurpose billions of dollars of foreign and domestic advertising funds. Advertisers will feel that their brand is being better represented and can put renewed faith in their advertising agencies as they will be able to see all of the market data themselves. This platform will bring integrity back into the world of advertising.


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