Aenco (AEN): ICO Review

What is Aenco?

Aenco is an international blockchain solutions company that has launched a new venture, a health tech solution that’s based on blockchain. The project’s aim is to help with research, innovation, and health tech entrepreneurialism.

Aenco ICOAenco will gain support from a multidisciplinary financial institution ecosystem that utilizes the benefits of blockchain technology. They aim to help health tech companies find financial solutions and help with blockchain application development.

The core reason behind Aenco’s launch is to empower companies and businesses that have the potential to make a deep impact within the health technology industry. Aenco will help give those who are launching projects the ability to have a focus on research, treatment for diseases, drug research, and a lot more.


Aenco receives support from three different pillars, Aenco IB Solutions, Aenco Smartcap Solutions Platform and Aenco Prime Solutions.

AEN is the native token that powers Aenco’s platform. AEN Token is adopted through multiple platforms that support Aneco’s ecosystem such as users within the health tech sector and other partners.

Aenco Smartcap Solutions and Aenco Prime Solutions are used to create a decentralized brokerage platform that supports collateralized digital assets lending and borrowing. They will also cover P2P financing pools that can interface fiat currency and major digital assets.

Other areas that are covered are the decentralized margining, custodial, clearing service, reporting protocols, and the OTC product launcher.

These 3 pillars will support Aenco’s application development capabilities and blockchain research. This will speed up the launch of interesting projects, which will improve the lives of many. In fact, Aenco has planned four transformational projects that will start in around 15 months.

Aenco’s co-founder stated that they want to create a decentralized ecosystem that supports the development and research of medical technology. Aenco aims to offer projects support and a reliable ecosystem that helps them reach their complete potential.

Token Metrics

  • Website: View
  • Whitepaper: Read
  • Fundraising Goal: $15,000,000 – $60,000,000
  • Minimum Token Amount: 1 ETH
  • Token Sale Date: Jul 1, 2018  – Aug 8, 2018

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  • Global Health Solution: Aenco provides a global health tech solution by using blockchain technology to help companies research, investigate, and help each other search for cures for diseases within their platform.
  • Experience: Aenco has been in development since 2008. This means that they have experience in completing the project and making it appealing to a wide audience. Due to this, we can see that the ICO will be able to grow in the future.
  • Early Bird Bonus: This ICO has great for early adopters as it gives them early bird bonuses for joining in early.

  • Limited Country Approval: While Aenco is a good project, investors from the US, China, Samoa, or other countries that are sanctioned by the OFAC. For investors living in Hong Kong, the only way to participate in the ICO is by showing a Proof of Wealth and a Professional Investor Accreditation.



To conclude, we believe that Aenco will have a positive impact on the health tech industry. Not only does it help further advancements in medical research, but it also helps companies find solutions to medical problems. Thus, we can’t wait to see how this ICO performs in the future!


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