Altair ICO Review: The Future of Decentralized VR Planetariums

What is Altair?

altair ico reviewAltair is an ICO project that aims to create Virtual Reality planetariums for educational and entertainment purposes. So far, they have taught astronomy to over 500,000 children with its platform, and they show no signs of stopping.

This company has made the biggest network of mobile planetariums. Also, they are responsible for creating the first spherical online camera. The Altair Fulldome Cinema which is used to experience spherical film and Altair’s mobile planetarium.

Altair’s development team plans to take the product’s innovation to the next level. The Altair VR encyclopedia will be used to teach children and adults subjects such as history, chemistry, geography, biology and a lot more as it continues to update and develop.

How Does it Work?

Altair’s token is a utility token that enables users to pay to view content. It will help them view Altair’s planetariums and work with other users on the network. Education professionals benefit from this by sharing content and participating in Altair’s ecosystem.

For example, an art teacher can develop a high reputation inside the Altair VR platform by creating and sharing art-related content. In return for their content, the teacher can obtain Altair VR tokens which can be used to trade for other crypto or to purchase more products.


  • Low Fees: Altair’s fees are only 10% of the application cost. This is 3-4 times lower than its competitors.
  • VR Time Machine: This feature allows you to see various historical events from multiple points of view.
  • Virtual Assist: Altair has a personal virtual assistant that remembers the user’s preferences and finds new ones that interest them.
  • Educational: Most existing VR applications are distractions and waste your time. With Altair, their VR app can help you in growth and personal development.
  • Developer Incentive: With Altair, developers can create VR content and be rewarded for it.

Token Sale Information

Disclaimer: Our content is made to inform our readers. Invest at your own risk, speak with an advisor, and do your research before partaking in any ICO.

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  • Encourages Education: The Altair VR platform will be used to teach children a multiple ranges of subjects in a way that’s interesting and exciting to them.
  • Token Reduction: The smart contract will remove 1% of its token supply each day until it reaches
  • Teacher Incentives: Teachers also gain benefits from using this platform. They can share their information and be rewarded in Altair tokens as a result.
  • Good Team & Experience: Altair is a company that has been around for about 8 years. They have won multiple awards for their vision and continues to make more promising results as it grows.

  • Education Issues: Altair’s platform might be in direct competition with traditional educational systems.



Altair VR is shaping the future of education through a blockchain based VR platform. Ultimately, it gives children, adults, and teachers to learn more about the world in a more interesting way than traditional educational systems. We can’t wait to see what happens next!


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