Arbidex ICO Review: Crypto Investments Made Simple

The Crypto Exchange Problem

The biggest issue crypto exchanges currently face the complexity of using their assets. For example, they must have multiple applications open to view them. This can be time-consuming, confusing, and a hassle for newcomers who want a simple way to invest.

And the traditional exchanges tend to have huge commission fees which don’t incentivize the user. Plus, they can be slow in giving the user their coins. All of these factors have to lead to users wanting to find an alternative that’s more efficient and simple to implement.

Because of this, Arbidex was created. Through the use of blockchain technology, Arbidex aims to make crypto investing a lot easier for users who want a simple interface to view all of their assets. Using this exchange helps both the user and the exchange benefit through quick transactions and an encrypted way to hold the user’s crypto assets.

What is Arbidex?

Arbidex solves the issue that most current crypto exchanges tend to have. Simply, it is a platform where you can buy cryptocurrency quickly without having to pay a large commission fee. It can hold up to 25 cryptocurrencies (including their own) in its decentralized exchange.

With Arbidex, the transactions are more streamlined and easier to process. Users can create an Arbidex account and view all of their holdings from multiple exchanges on one location. This makes it easier for them to utilize their assets and use them as needed.

To assist during the transaction process, the platform uses a Detecting Profitable Rates Algorithm (DPRA). This helps users buy and sell assets but also benefit from the price difference. With Arbidex’s ecosystem, users can obtain a profit and feel like their assets are giving them the value they were seeking.

arbidex ico review


  • Liquidity Aggregation: Arbidex aims to create this by having one exchange for all assets. This helps the assets gain more participants because new users have an easier way to buy crypto assets without having to transfer deposits or register at a new exchange.
  • One Terminal, Multiple Crypto-exchanges: Through integrating all of the current cryptocurrency exchanges into one place, Abridex hopes to reduce the dependence of blockchain projects and companies who place their tokens on a specific exchange.
  • Professional Tools: Arbidex changes the trading approach to a more serious one. For example, they want to create their exchange with MT4 trading pairs.

Token Sale Information

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  • Prototype Available: Since Arbidex has a prototype of its exchange that’s ready for use, people can test out the exchange to see if they like it.
  • Development Team: Arbidex has a reliable development team and a group of advisors willing to assist them on projects.
  • Decentralized Trading: Now, you can trade multiple currencies with one platform thanks to Arbidex.

  • Direct Competition: There are other blockchain projects (Stex, B2Bx) that are already promoting the same service.
  • Risks: The only risk that’s present is that the exchange takes a day to send users their tokens. While this isn’t a large setback, users would opt for an exchange that’s more instant.

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