Asspace Token: ICO Review

How Does Asspace Work?

There are a few ICOs that are targeting the adult industry. But, there’s none like the Asspace token project. Over the following months, Asspace token has gained popularity in both the crypto and the adult entertainment community.

Asspace’s team is working to create a web application and social network that encourages users to create adult content. The social network adult social space will connect both amateurs and professional workers who are liberal-minded, creative and are passionate about producing adult content.

Asspace Token icoAsspace’s main goal is to create a decentralized network for viewing and producing adult content with additional features that will help disrupt the traditional adult content usage. Within Q4 2018, the ASSPACE Tokens ICO will be released onto the public.

Asspace works by allowing users to create an order for adult performers to create content for them. Once the order is placed, the performers are then interviewed to see if they’re able to complete the order. After the agreements are met, a smart contract is given to ensure that both sides of the agreement are fulfilled.

What Problem Does it Solve?

The adult industry is filled with limitations due to its centralized nature. Because of this, it’s difficult for adult content producers to receive compensation for their videos. As of now, their only option is to either mass produce content or have a large following to get paid for their videos.

Another issue is the quality of the pornographic content. With Asspace token, it allows users to find performers to produce original, and engaging content for them. As a result, this makes the pornographic industry more unique and makes it easier for the viewers to stay entertained.

Asspace token aims to correct this issue with two things: First, it creates a social media platform where adult industry users can connect with others and fans within the network. This allows them to have a social media platform where they can build their brand, create an audience, and create content with other users.

And, it uses the Asspace ERC-20 token to reward users for communicating, marketing and participating in the network. Basically, Asspace corrects the problem that traditional adult film sites have by ensuring that everyone can benefit when creating content.

ICO Information

  • Website: Here
  • Whitepaper: Read (download from website)
  • ICO Price: 1 ETH = 1,000,000,000 ASP
  • Fundraising Goal: 8000 ETH
  • Token Accepted: ETH

Disclaimer: Information produced in this article is for educational purposes. If you do plan on investing, do so at your own risk.

  • VR Technology: Asspace token has a VR support application that allows users to create more adult content.
  • Original Content: With blockchain technology, Asspace tokens are used to ensure that the adult content can’t be copied onto other networks.
  • Crowdfunding Collaboration: Asspace token gives users the ability to fund other performers so that they can receive profit for their content quality.

  • Limited Information: Asspace token doesn’t have too much information about its platform on its Whitepaper.
  • Whitepaper Quality: For some investors, the white paper appears to be short and less detailed than other ICOs.
  • Website Errors: There have been some small errors reported on Asspace token’s webpage. For instance, there are grammatical errors throughout the page.

Asspace Token


To conclude, Asspace Token is combining social media with the adult industry. This makes it easier for adult content creators to produce the content they want while also rewarding the viewer with original content. If the project team can complete their roadmap, then this ICO might have some good long term potential.


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