Atonomi ICO Review: Decentralized IoT Security

What is Atonomi?

Atonomi is a project started by CENTRI Technology with the goal of creating a safe way for users to connect their IoT devices without in a secure network thanks to Ethereum’s blockchain technology.

This project is backed by a venture capitalist firm Launch Capital. Both are working together to improve the identity validation, security, transaction speed, reputational trust, and scalability for over a billion IoT devices to complete about a trillion device-to-device transactions.


  • Established Identity: Trusted identity that gives a level of insurance so that IoT devices can enable actions, exchange information and buy and sell services and products. Once the device is registered, its trusted by Atonomi’s network and the owner can activate the device when its placed for service.
  • Reputation Management Protocol: After the device creates an established identity, each of the devices reputations have to be thoroughly managed to create secure interoperability. Atonomi’s reputation management protocol makes sure that all devices interact autonomously.
  • Atonomi’s Token: Atonomi’s Token is used to reward distributors, auditors, device owners, and OEM/device manufacturers for participating in its network. They aim to tokenize the reputation and identity of devices that are placed on its platform.
  • Extendable Architecture: Atonomi has been created with the idea that others can extend and build upon its services to satisfy the needs of existing and new market segments. The Transaction Ledger and Identity Registry can be used for services such as industrial IoT and healthcare. This allows them all to work without worrying about the security of their devices.

What is Atonomi’s Solution?

The main problem is that IoT devices are currently insecure once they connect to a network. This means that hackers can enter an IoT network and start to use the devices as their own, or steal data from users that are in it.

Atonomi plans on using a mixture of Ethereum’s blockchain and enhanced security protocols to ensure that each IoT device is protected. By doing this, they fix the ongoing problem of security and make it easier for everyone to use their devices in a safe and secure manner.

Atonomi’s Network will protect its users, IoT devices, and their real-world applications. For instance, homeowners can register their devices on Atonomi’s platform and use it without the fear of their personal information being compromised by hackers. Thus, Atonomi’s solution helps save millions of dollars lost by either identity theft and hacked information.

atonomi ico review

Token Sale Information

Disclaimer: Our content is for educational purposes only. Only partake in an ICO after you’ve researched them and spoken to an advisor.

  • Strong Team: Atonomi’s team CEOs (Andrii Zamovsky and David Fragale) has a proven track record for completing projects successfully.  Each of their teammates is leaders of the IoT security market and will help the project from start to finish.
  • Partnerships: Atonomi has made partnerships with large companies such as Microsoft, Flex, Intel, Arm, and more leading IoT businesses within the field.
  • Identity Recognition: Its identity recognition feature surpasses its competitors. Atonomi plans to use this feature to help create a safer IoT network.

  • High Competition: There is a multitude of IoT ICOs that are in development. This could make it difficult for Atonomi to excel in the long term.
  • Whitepaper: The whitepaper was a bit vague in defining its token sale plans.

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