BitcoinGrowthBot Review – Is BitCoin Growth Bot A Scam?

Bitcoin Growth Bot has recently come onto my radar as a new and promising lending platform. I’ve seen some hype being created already in Youtube and other communities and this is what is required for a coin to thrive during and after ICO. I see a ton of new coins coming to the market, so it’s important we pick the gems from the junk yard.

To start with on this BitcoinGrowthBot review, I’ll go into what is Bitcoin Growth Bot and I’ll also look into Nucleus Coin, which will be the coin partnered with the program. I’ve seen many lending programs come out with large and rather scam looking interest rates. Some have promised up to 60% and this has made me cautious on reviewing them, as this is hardly sustainable and is most likely to be an ICO exit scam.

BitcoinGrowthBot ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

The ICO process is a little different to what you may have seen or experienced previously. This ICO will take place via the Waves platform.

The pre-sale will consist of 3 phases with 3 different bonus levels. Bonuses range from 25 to 15%, depending on when you buy the pre-sale coins. The total of pre-ICO coins available will be 3 million. Prices range from $0.55 to $0.75. We are expecting huge demand for this initial coin offering, and we can only expect that the pre-sale will sell out fast.

The crowdsale will begin on January 15th 2018, there will be a total of 4,970,000 coins available for purchase. The prices will be slightly higher than the previous pre-sale. The starting price will be $2.00 per coin; however it will extend all the way to $3.60.

To get into the ICO and be ready to go, we recommend getting your account setup early and far ahead of time. Signing up for email reminders, is recommended and will assist you with getting there on time.

Bitcoin Growth Bot Lending Program

The lending program for the Nucleus coin looks to be very lucrative. You can earn up to 29% per month on the amount you lend, alongside receiving up to 0.2% bonus daily when you lend larger amounts more than $10,010.

To make the most of the lending program we suggest you approach this with a strategy. The tactic we tend to use at Delicious, is to wait for the ICO to finish and acquire as many coins as possible during the pre-sale and initial coin offering. Once you have accumulated coins wait for the value to appreciate first before lending! This gives you the best rate for your coins. We often say just after the coins hit the exchange they tend to spike up to crazy prices, giving great lending rates, however Nucleus coin will be available on the exchange straight after the ICO, not giving you the same opportunity, therefore we recommend waiting just over 2 weeks from the end of the initial coin offering to get the best rate for lending! Staking

Staking your coin in a specified wallet allows you to make passive gains without having to loan out your coins and lock them away. Although staked coins are technically locked, they are also withdrawable from the wallet in which they are staked in at any time. You will loose the passive income from removing them from staking, but this is still a great feature that is offered by the BGB(BitcoinGrowthBot) team.

BitcoinGrowthBot Affiliate Program

To rapidly grow their program BGB is offering some great affiliate bonuses. By referring your friends, coworkers or clients to the BitcoinGrowthBot website you can receive affiliate bonuses for any money they place in lending or for any ICO orders they complete. This is a great way to market their business and we can see this model already working for other successful platforms such as Bitconnect.

Bitcoin Growth Bot Roadmap

4th Quarter 2017

• Project envision

• Market research on viability of project

• Development of automated algorithm

• Draft of white paper

• Team formation

• Live working prototype of algo

• Final draft of white paper

• Release final draft of white paper

• Announce ICO Presale

• Further operations and legal set up

• ICO Presale

• Hire key staff:

– Blockchain Security Expert

– Chief Financial Officer

– Front End Engineer

– Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

– Chief Technology Office

• Announce ICO crowdsale

• Open Trading on DEX Decentralised Exchange

1st-4th Quarter 2018

Launch Bitcoin Growth Bot

• Nucleus: ICO

• Hire key staff:

– Software Engineer – Crypto/Payments

– Senior Backend Engineer

– Communications Director

• Open Backend to Users

• Open Bitcoin Growth Bot Lending Program

• Nucleus: ICO

• Marketing Campaign & Promotion

• Listing on Coin Directories

• Open Android & IOS Apps

• Nucleus: ICO

• Marketing Campaign & Promotion

• Listing on Coin Directories

• Liquidity Providers added to Bitcoin Growth Bot

• Promotions to Crypto Community

• Security Improvements & Systems Upgrade

• Nucleus: ICO

• AI Development Team

• Aggressive Marketing Campaign

• Release Bitcoin Growth Bot 2.0


Bitcoin Growth Bot Price Predictions

ICO Price Average: $2.00

Expected Price In 3 Months: $15.00

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