Blockshipping GSCP: ICO Review

As we’ve seen more developments within the blockchain industry, we’ve seen more solutions to problems within current markets. Blockhsipping is a prime example of this and has gained popularity within the maritime and sea businesses.

blockshipping icoIn this ICO review, we’ll explain further on their goals and plans to use blockchain to decentralize the sea trading industry.

So get ready.

How Does Blockshipping Work?

Blockshipping is a global platform that’s designed to connect the participants within the container shipping industry. This includes: ports, carriers, transport terminals, terminals, and more.

Today there are over 27 million freight contractors in the world. Blockshipping aims to create the first blockchain registry that helps the industry track containers at all times. Also, the platform allows industry participants the ability to manage each transaction that is related to the container handling.

Platform prototyping and design is supposed to occur in Q1 2018. The developers will design Blockshipping’s blockchain and smart contracts. During Q2 2018, the company will implement the iPaaS and the platform. The platform had a small launch before Q3 2018.

What Problem Does Blockshipping.IO Solve?

There is a multitude of deficiencies within the sea trading industry. The container shipping industry takes over 60% of the global seaborne trade. However, this industry has multiple deficiencies such as: security threats, low rates, more environmental regulations, and overcapacity.

Blockshipping.IO plans to use blockchain technology in order to protect the sea trade industry. It does this by providing an improved process, increased efficiency, and

ICO Information

  • Website: Here
  • Whitepaper: Here
  • Fundraising Goal: $24.8 million USD
  • Maximum Token Supply: 50,000,000 CCC tokens
  • Accepted Tokens: BTC, ETH, Fiat

Disclaimer: The post is made to inform our readers. We’re not financial advisers so you should speak to one before investing in ICOs.

  • Cost Savings: Using Blockshipping.IO increases savings by up to $5.7 billion per year.
  • Reducing Emissions: Blockshipping plans to reduce CO2 emissions by 4.6 million tons. This means optimized loads and less unnecessary trips.
  • Global Adoption: This platform is funded by Danish Maritime Fund and the private angel investors. It’s seen as a funding source that will help the company accelerate platform development.

  • Benefits Only Large Investors: This ICO looks like it only plans to suit the people who invest a larger portion (i.e., whale investors) into this token.
  • New Concept: The concept of decentralizing the maritime industry will take some time before it becomes popular to the entire crypto community.
  • Complex Project: Blockshipping’s project might take around 3 years to complete. And it takes a lot of developers to complete their roadmap.



Blockshipping is one of the few several companies planning to use blockchain in order to increase the efficiency of the shipping industry. They are the world’s first blockchain global shipping container platform (GSCP).

Blockshipping received investments from the Danish Maritime Fund and private investors. They are currently planning to raise money via their ICO. If you purchase the tokens during the ICO phase, you’ll receive some of the profits that were on the platform.


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