Bounty Angels: ICO Review

How Does Bounty Angels Work?

Bounty Angels is a project that automates the marketing process. The platform creates a semiautomatic bounty campaign which aids bounty hunters, and it helps overcome the issues faced by bounty campaigns for advertising agencies and blockchain projects.

In fact, Bounty Angels isn’t just a platform, and it also is a service that allows the team to solve a multitude of problems. From a technical standpoint, their task is to calculate the Bounty Hunter’s remuneration and control their activities.

bounty angels icoBounty Hunters only have to sign up with their nickname and wallet number. Then, they can select what campaigns they want to participate in and receive compensation for it. In the future, Bounty Angels plan to create a smart contract that gives automatic payment once the work is completed.

From a personal point of view, Bounty Angels creates a board of professional analysts that can optimize and make a Bounty campaign for their customers.

What Problem Does Bounty Angels Solve?

As of now, bounty hunters have issues in managing their campaigns. While they do have an account and can produce high-quality content, it’s often easy to get lost. This makes it harder for them to find out how they’ve been compensated.

Bounty Angels solve this problem through these following aspects:

  • Bounty Hunter Account: Most Bounty Hunters partake in multiple campaigns. Bounty Angels create a private account that demonstrates information on particular programs they’re interested in. Also, you can find markets where you can find markets to change the tokens.
  • Quick Token Distribution: In most bounty hunter campaigns, each participant receives a different amount of tokens. This is a hard process that can’t have any mistakes. Bounty Angles fixes this problem by making the token transaction process safer, faster, and easier.
  • KPI Control and Analytics: Bounty Angel’s platform is used to monitor the activity of the Hunters in real time. And, its platform is used to organize their data in dynamic shape reports. As a result, the bounty program is more effective, and the tokens can’t be wasted.

Based on its aspects, Bounty Angels is a good platform for users who frequently do bounty hunting campaigns. With this platform, you’ll find it easier to keep track of your bounty campaigns and get rewarded for completing them.

ICO Information

  • Website: Here
  • Whitepaper: Read
  • Fundraising Goal: $100,000 USD (Softcap) – $500,000 USD (Hardcap)
  • Accepted Tokens: ETH, BTC

Disclaimer: The information in this post was made for educational purposes. Speak to a financial investor before investing in any ICO and do so at your own risk.

  • Supports Bounty Hunters: Bounty Angels gives bounty hunters the ability to manage their campaigns better and receive tokens for completing them.
  • Training Guidelines: As Bounty Angels expands, they plan on creating a course so that everyone can participate in Bounty campaigns effectively.
  • Automatic Activity Search: In the further stages of their platform, hunters won’t have to send in links to their bounty hunting campaign. It will help their campaigns and bounty management programs easier.

  • Team Verification: About 38% of the team is verified. This means that it can be difficult deciding if the ICO is legitimate or not.
  • Low Activity: We would like to see more activity from this company’s development team. Bounty Angels also need to improve their social media presence as well.

Bounty Angels


This is a great ICO if you’re a bounty hunter trying to manage your campaigns effectively. With its blockchain technology, your information will stay secure, and you’ll receive more compensation for your efforts. Because of this, we can see this becoming a great ICO in the near future.


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