Crowd Machine ICO Review: Blockchain Apps Made Easy

Increased Demand for Decentralized Apps

Due to the constant growth of blockchain technology and consumer interest, the demand for decentralized apps (dApps) has reached new highs. But, this demand has surpassed the supply, meaning that more dApps will have to be made to fit the needs of the public.

Dapps are having an issue with replacing current centralized applications. This is because there is a shortage of Dapp developers who know how to utilize Solidity (Ethereum’s platform), leading a smaller rate of completed Dapps.

Another problem is the processing and memory capacity. Crowd Machine solves this issue by making a peer-to-peer network of computers that gives their processing power to help solve the issue. Users who donate their processing power are rewarded in CMT token which can be used to create even more decentralized apps.

How Does Crowd Machine Help?

crowdmachine icoCrowd Machine provides a solution by making it easier for the average person to make a decentralized app. You don’t need to have extensive coding knowledge, but you’ll have to understand simple rule-based and logic processes. This gives everyone the chance to create new apps without a large barrier to entry.

Crowd Machine has two forms of p2p nodes – Argoic nodes (super nodes) and Activity Contributing Nodes (ACN). People who use their devices for processing power also gain ACN for their assistance.

Argoic nodes are more of a backend based node. Their purpose is to continuously update the ACN nodes, resolve payment channels, and gives the ACN nodes power to run the Dapps made on Crowd Machine’s network.

Stakeholders who participate in Crowd Machine’s platform can find libraries that contain reusable source code. The source code is made by other users and saves users time when creating new apps. And, if the source code is seen in other apps, the main developers can receive payment.


  • A Decentralized Solution: Crowd Machine’s network as the ability to increase the development of blockchain based apps. Along with the way people program and develop apps, Crowd Machine also wants to change the way people conduct business through blockchain.
  • A Simple Approach: Crowd Machine also plans to make their app creation process easy to implement. Now, a person without computer experience can make apps on Crowd Machine and without issue and not waste time on using traditional methods.

Token Sale Information

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  • Easy App Creation: Crowd Machine’s goal is to make an interface where beginners can make apps without having to learn hours of code.
  • Coding Incentives: For coding professionals, they can receive rewards each time a user makes an app using their source code.
  • Increases Decentralized App Production: Since Crowd Machine enables users to make apps with ease on its network, it will increase the amount of Dapps that’s created and fit the growing market demand.

  • App Quality: Since Crowd Machine’s aim is to create simple Dapps, will its network be strong enough to support a multitude of high-quality apps?
  • App Complications: While users can make apps on Crowd Machine, we wonder if they will also be able to make off-chain based apps for the public.

Crowd Machine


To conclude, Crowd Machine’s goal to make more decentralized apps is a great one. So far, there isn’t any ICO that has the same idea or vision as this project. Because of this, it has good growth potential and might be able to make an impact on the crypto community.


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  1. Crowd Machine is currently used by Fortune500 companies to make off-chain applications for public and private use.

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