‘Cryptomatoes’ Grows 5 Acres of Fruit Through Crypto Mining Heat

What is Cryptomatoes?

Kamil Brejcha, NakamotoX‘s co-founder announced that they would be launching a Blockchain startup that allows users to grow edible crops via mining heat. It works by creating Bitcoin server housing which generates heat and gives it to greenhouses that are currently growing tomatoes.

The project is accompanied by a business called Agritechture. While the company was previously in stealth mode, it produced its first crop – a greenhouse with five acres of tomatoes called “Cryptomatoes.”

Kamil Brejcha states that “they have created a product called the “Container” which is installed in a basement and its heat is delivered to the greenhouse. We’ll reveal more details about our project soon”.

What Problems Does Cryptomatoes Plan to Solve?

People are skeptical about cryptocurrency because the mining tends to have a negative effect on the environment. The issue surrounding the impact of crypto mining, as well as how to utilize the excessive heat it creates, became a large topic of debate within the industry.

Cryptomatoes solves this problem through allowing the excessive heat to be used in greenhouses. This gives the greenhouses the ability to help raise their crops faster and lower their utility costs when in operation.

Also, it solves the problem that most agricultural experts and farmers tend to face. Sometimes getting a reliable source of electricity and heat for their greenhouses can be expensive and require some capital to get it working properly. With cryptomatoes, they can get recycled energy and help their plants grow into fresh and healthy fruit.

When growing the crops, Brejcha states that the “energy cycle loop” is closed for the project. The mining activities use biowaste to provide energy to the greenhouses. He added, “You can buy the (cryptomatoes) in common markets soon, but I can’t reveal details about the brand this moment.”

While Agritechture isn’t the first agricultural project that infuses blockchain technology, Agritechture would demonstrate their ability to show how mining energy can be reused. Brejcha stated that the company initially planned to create medical marijuana. However, legislative regions forced Agritechture to make orthodox crops.

“Unfortunately, due to local legislation, we are unable to get a license to grow medical (marijuana) crops, so we had to grow tomatoes and other vegetables” he admitted.

Concluding Thoughts

Cryptomatoes is a great project as it uses blockchain mining technology to help agricultural experts make more high-quality crops. Even if the company doesn’t create medical marijuana crops, its innovative use of mining heat will help farmers in barren locations get the energy they need to help their crops survive in cold and harsh weather conditions.

It’s hard to tell how this project will develop in the future. But from the information that’s given, it’s a sign that the crypto market is far from stopping. If done successfully, we expect to see Cryptomatoes become more prevalent in our society.

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