Cylinders ICO Review: Using Blockchain for Cylinders

What is Cylinders?

cylinders ico reviewCCA (Composite Cylinders Advanced) is an ICO project that plans to combine technologies and blockchain and finance to create a type 4 Cylinder in the market. These cylinders are corrosion free, lightweight, cheap, and don’t break. This will make them a high demand product in the long run.

One reason why CCA has gained popularity due to their innovative product. Not only is it able to protect your contents inside the container, but also reduce the cost of paying expensive technologies to create a Type 4 cylinder. Thus, this ICO is used to help create a new product that’s easy for new users to use and is high in value as well.


Here are some of the market advantages that cylinders Type 4 products provides:

  • Lower cost and greater availability than natural gas.
  • Increased savings in fuel cost using natural gas, especially if using it for a fleet of trucks.
  • Reduces nitrogen oxide (Nox), aerosol emissions and CO2.
  • Increased delivery of natural gas to other regions

What Issue Does it Solve?

In today’s market, steel cylinders are used to contain chemicals, fire, or other particles. But, steel cylinders are more likely to experience corrosion and take up 90% of the market. This is an issue as the cylinders can cause problems with its internal contents if not taken care of correctly.

But, CCA has solved this problem by creating their own cylinder with enhanced features. With the use of blockchain technology, they cylinders will be protected from outside hackers and others from using it. Thus, making it a good option as its safe, secure, and is a valuable product.

Token Sale Information

  • Website: View
  • Whitepaper: Read
  • Pre-Sale: January 15th, 2018
  • Token Sale: March 20th, 2018
  • Soft Cap: $5,000,000 USD
  • Hard Cap: $15,000,000 USD

CCA has created an ICO to increase capital for the production, manufacture, and the launch of high quality/high-tech type 4 cylinders. First, it will start with a fundraising stage, followed by a production stage and then user buyback for profits.

Its fundraising is divided between a main token and a token presale. The Token presale is occurring from now until March 15th. Once the cylinders are produced, the token sales will turn to shares so that project investors can obtain revenue.

Disclaimer: Follow this ICO at your own risk. The information in this post is used for educational purposes only.

Bitcointalk Profile:;u=1760890

  • Low Maintenance Costs: Using Cylinders costs less than using steel cylinders or previous Type-4 Models.
  • Experienced Team: Cylinders has a team of over 8+ members who have gained over $200 million in revenue within the past few years. They are experienced and dedicated to see this project to completion.
  • Token Usage: We like Cylinders because of their token usage. For instance, users can buy a CCA token and get Type-4 cylinders sent to their home or professional worksite.

  • Vague White Paper: The whitepaper leaves a few gaps open, making it hard for new users to fully understand the long-term goals of this ICO.



To conclude, try Cylinders if you work within the municipal, chemical, or physical labor industry. Their products are inexpensive and might be in high demand within a few years. Overall, if the project team followers their roadmap, they might have a lucrative solution and product for the steel cylinder industry.


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