Engagement Token ICO Review: How to Achieve Decentralized Engagement

What is Engagement Token?

Engagement Token is a platform that’s used to reward publishers for their high-quality content. Your engagement value is predetermined by a site owner through the use of Engagement tokens. People who comment can also earn Engagement Tokens and use them to either upvote comments, buy advertising, or sell the tokens to third parties who are willing to participate in the network.

Throughout the past few years, Engagement Token’s development team has created a platform that benefits advertisers, readers, and publishers. Publishers can set the rewards and make them specific to a user base to create good content interaction. Advertisers can create valuable product information through a simple pay-per-article model.

engagement token presaleAspects

  • Targeted Content: Engagement Token uses a holistic ad revenue model that mixes native and user-generated content that creates a high-quality audience that organically engages with your content.
  • Seamless Ad Quality: Over 30% of users use adblockers to block ads. With high-quality ads on engaging content, yours won’t be. This gives advertisers the incentive to offer quality products and increase the loyalty to their customer base.
  • Create Campaign Parameters: Engagement Token allows users to have control over their ad campaigns. Choose a budget and a duration. Create as many campaigns as needed and add special parameters if you like.
  • Sponsorship Packages: You can create a sponsorship package to protect your high-quality content and reward the users who actively engage with your blog.
  • Choose From Multiple Categories: Fashion, Music, Finance, and Sports…Engagement Token’s packages are viewed from categories and subcategories. Pick the ones that interest you the most and create a sponsorship package that aids your engagement goals.

What Problems Does it Intend to Solve?

Engagement is one of the hardest things to measure on blogs and other forms of content. While some can opt for paid advertising to bring users to their site, sometimes the users won’t remain directly engaged.

With Engagement Token, it intends to help all players (publishers, readers, advertisers) by rewarding them all for engaging with each other. For instance, a blogger can produce content and receive Engagement Token from users as a reward.

Users can also benefit from this platform as upvoting, commenting, or sharing the post can give them EGT tokens. Advertisers can buy EGT tokens to create premium comments or headlines. Thus, everyone wins when using Engagement Token as it helps everyone receive rewards for using their network.

Token Sale Information

Disclaimer: Don’t take our information as investment advice. We are only here to provide educational content for our readers. Speak to an advisor before investing in any ICO.

  • Brand Protection: With Engagement Token, publishers can talk directly with advertisers and choose which advertisements they want on their content. This ensures that their brand is protected and safe from low-quality ads.
  • Effective Advertisement: Advertisers can buy promoted headlines and comments. This helps improve the quality of the ads and prevents fake ads from appearing on publisher’s content.
  • User Incentives: Users who read and actively engage with the blogs can gain EGT for their participation.

  • Ad Blockers: Some users will continue to use adblocks when viewing this content. How can Engagement Token fix this?
  • Content Quality: Engagement token needs to explain how the content quality is judged thoroughly.

Engagement Token


Overall, Engagement Token is great for increasing site traffic and creating active user bases. If done correctly, it could disrupt the current advertising industry and possibly fully enhance it. We’ll have to see what this project does in the upcoming months!


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