Etheera ICO Review: Real Estate, Decentralized

What is Etheera?

etheera ico reviewEtheera is an international real estate platform that uses Etheera Tokens/ETA as their native form of currency. This project is developed by a company based in Switzerland. The company states that they’ve created the “first global real estate platform that follows decentralization principles” that we tend to see with most ICOs in development.

The main goal of Etheera is to decentralize the unused real estate in the world. It’s ICO started on January 16, 2018, but the company doesn’t have any existing service or product in place.

There is a lot of unusual things about this ICO. For instance, the whitepaper and website are poorly designed. They have some grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. And, there are no business models that seem to be set in place.

Despite these random things, let’s see how Ethreea’s project plans to fix the international real estate industry.


  • Matching: You can search and find what you’re interested in, no matter the location. This is great for brokers who have an existing property and customer portfolio. This matching creates a search query for the broker’s network, search requests, and wishers. Global sales and transfers have never been easier.
  • High-Quality Service: Create and deliver the best service to your clients with Ethreea. It gives statistics and reports for a structured settlement or the owner with a prospective of the properties for purchase or rental.
  • Huge Tools: There is a multitude of integrated tools such as calendars, CRM functions, publications and visits, database with owners, dashboard, project management, importing and exporting of data, real estate estimates, and much more.

What Issue Does it Solve?

High costs occur through the industry which forces agents to become more privatized in their listings. They won’t publish their objects as often as they would because of this. Here are the problems Etheera plans to fix once their project is completed

  • Brokers charge high fees because they have a large influence in the Real Estate market.
  • There’s no international real estate marketing platform that covers all global users’ real estate needs.
  • Unused properties are unoccupied and dormant worldwide.
  • Sellers and buyers are unable to interact with each other effectively in today’s market.

Token Sale Information

  • Website: View
  • Whitepaper: Read
  • ICO Sale: January 16th, 2018 – March 17th, 2018
  • Soft Cap: 6,000 ETH
  • Hard Cap: 105,000 ETH

Disclaimer: This post was made for informational purposes only. Don’t invest in ICOs that aren’t reputable and trade at your own risk.

Bitcointalk Profile:;u=1760890

  • Dedicated Team: Etheera has a 7+ member team that has over 10 years experience with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.
  • Decentralized Real Estate: Etheera’s idea is to make real estate more accessible through Ethereum’s blockchain. This makes it a great option for those that are interest.

  • No MVP: The page doesn’t show any products that place’s their ideas in physical form.
  • Whitepaper and Website: There is a multitude of grammatical errors placed on their site and white paper. This can reduce the overall credibility of their project.



To conclude, Etheera is a rather odd ICO that has a myriad of errors when viewing it. If you’re going to invest in it, understand that you might be risking your ETH. So it’s best to see how the company makes updates before attempting to pay for it.


Adam Cole has been a crypto enthusiast for years. First getting involved in Bitcoin mining in late 2010, he has now diversified his portfolio and dug deeper into the alternative coins of the space.As new and exciting ideas arise in cryptocurrency, Jeremy is always looking for the next big thing and a coin which not only appreciates in value but also has a steady increase in use and demand. Jeremy has seen the rise of coins such as Ethereum and by studying the technical and fundamental side of ETH, he has learnt how to find similar coins that are likely to have a bright future.

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