Eximchain ICO Review: Enhanced Supply Chain Finance

What is Eximchain?

Eximchain is a project started in 2015 by a group of MIT students. Its main goal is to create a global supply chain via smart contracts and blockchain network. It eliminates the traditional supply chain barriers and allows for all actors (large or small) to participate in a secure, transparent, and global network.

This review will help highlight the ICO’s benefits and interesting additions it plans to bring to the crypto community.

What Problems are Present?

eximchain priceIn the supply chain industry, it’s hard to distribute incentives amongst different participants. This means that buyers, financers, and suppliers have too much power over how the supply chain goes and attempt to maximize their profits. Because of this, it reduces the performance and the quality of the whole supply chain.

Implementing Global supply finance internationally is a complex affair and limits its adoption. This means that it will take a lot of effort to obtain suppliers and integrate the entire process without causing problems with its current network.

Eximchain’s Solution

Eximchain’s main product (which is still under development) uses financial technology to help investors provide capital to small to medium enterprises (SMEs) that would be impossible without their financing.

Focusing on the platform’s transparency, Eximchain also provides high-end data security to businesses that participate in its network. Investors will be able to check the cash flow of a startup business to help determine if investing in its growth is worth the risk.

Eximchain provides a lot of opportunity for SMEs who are seeking supply chain finance solutions and investors willing to provide those solutions. However, Eximchain has stated that their tokens are used strictly for their ecosystem’s utility. Thus, meaning that they aren’t speculative and are made for project development.


  • Inventory Management: Eximchain has tools that allow partners to share information across a common ledger.
  • Sourcing: Records historical transactions and data which helps suppliers prove their overall reliability to buyers and other institutions.
  • Financing: Smart contracts are used to help banks verify orders with every upstream partner and provide the required financing.

Token Sale Information

  • Accepted Payment: ETH
  • Max Token Supply: 150,000,000
  • Tokens Available for Sale: 40%
  • Sale Starts: March 15th, 2018
  • Goal: 20,000,000 USD
  • Website: https://www.eximchain.com/
  • Whitepaper: Here

Disclaimer: Invest at your own risk. We only provide educational and informational content for our readers.

  • MIT Incubated: Since this project is funded by MIT, it has high growth potential and a strong technical team backing it.
  • No Pump and Dump: This means that the token isn’t speculative and is used only for utility reasons.
  • Improve Global Supply Chain Finance: Eximchain is used to help investors fund upcoming businesses and for businesses to gain funding in a safe, regulated manner.

  • Non-Speculative: Since this is more of a long-term ICO, people who want a speculative ICO might have to look elsewhere.



Due to its team, project backing, and overall purpose, Eximchain is a one of a kind ICO that could be great within the upcoming years. We can’t wait to see how it will perform and what benefits it will bring.



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