FCFL ICO Review: Decentralized and Uncensored Sports

What is FCFL?

fcfl ico reviewFCFL (Fan Controlled Football League) is used to create an American indoor football league. While the project seems to be American, it seems that they are thinking ahead and applying their sports idea globally.

It works on the assumption that their idea will become popular enough to be adapted for other sports. Its FAN token is used to help users bet on teams and help them participate in its ecosystem. Thus, FCFL is an interesting project that will create a decentralized system for sports fans.


  • Created for the Digital Fan: Rather than an arena or a traditional football stadium, all of the games will be played in an interactive production facility. This creates a fun sports platform that delivers real-time results and can be viewed anywhere on the planet.
  • Biometrics, Cams, and Drones: The FCFL will allocate its resources to get the latest sports tech for its platform. It will use chips in a ball, drones flying above the field to capture the game, live stream helmets, and other high-end technology to help view the game in an entertaining manner.
  • Created on Blockchain: Using Ethereum’s blockchain, FCFL uses ledger-based transparency for all reward allocations and fan-driven decisions. Blockchain is important and is vital to making an open network that promotes fan engagement.
  • Future Plans: FCFL will expand to other fan created teams as it continues to develop other sports (soccer, basketball, cricket, baseball, cricket, etc.). FAN token will be used to create fuel the ecosystem and help the community grow.

What Issue Does it Solve?

As of now, the sporting industry is centralized and has high barriers to entry. For instance, there’s one major sporting league for football in the US, making it hard for smaller clubs to receive any exposure.

Also, the games can be expensive and hard to watch from different countries. Because of this, FCFL solves the problem by creating a virtual platform where users can see the game at any location, anytime.

FCFL plans to create its first season with a $1,000,000 prize for the winning team. Using the money it’s funded, the FCFL will make an indoor venue that holds every game inside the football league. They plan to either hold the game in Salt Lake City or in Las Vegas, Los Angeles.

Token Sale Information

Disclaimer: Our content is made for educational purposes only. Research your ICO so that you know that it works and do so at your own risk.

  • Digital Sporting Application: Users can use FAN Tokens to promote their favorite teams and show their support.
  • Watch Anywhere: Users like FCFL because they can watch it on their phone, laptop, or another device in any location in the world.
  • Innovative Games: The teams in FCFL are controlled by the fans.

  • Sporting Competition: FCFL has competition with sporting industries such as NFL and another ICO project FIL.



Basically, FCFL is a great ICO because of its innovative idea and its ability to make an entirely different sports network. If the team follows their roadmap, they can create a revolutionary way for users to watch and enjoy sports.


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