Gamblica ICO Review: Decentralizing the Online Gambling Community

What is Gamblica?

Every member will need Gamblica’s native currency in order to play the casino games. Gamblica coin is the in-game currency to use for betting and slots. Once the user is registered, they’ll need tokens to play each game. Some of these games range from poker rooms, sports better, slot machines, and additional casino games.

gamblica ico reviewThe platform also has a transparent system for the casino games’ outcomes. If you do win, you’ll receive a secure and automatic payout thanks to its decentralized ecosystem and smart contracts.

All the payouts are given to your Gamblica account after the casino’s outcome is confirmed. Then, you can withdraw the tokens and sell them for real cash or any cryptocurrency you want you obtain.


  • Guaranteed Honesty: Gamblica address the issue of global fraud by giving the players the opportunity to verify and check the casino’s algorithm.
  • Expertise First: Unlike other projects, Gamblica is ran by a team of managers that have over 10 years of experience in the gambling industry. Their main goal is to create a safe and pleasant gambling experience.
  • Focused on the End User: The main reason why most gambling blockchains fail is that they look for odd gambling operators, who aren’t interested in gaining profits. That’s why it’s not a White Label project, as it helps the end user.

What Issue Does it Solve?

While the online gambling industry has over $50 billion in market share, there are still a few problems present within its system. For example, there is always a chance that users will commit fraud and receive an unfair advantage within the game.

Gamblica isn’t the first blockchain gambling network. However, they stand out from its competitors based on their ideas. A main element of the platform is that their games have a higher level of fairness.

They have a random number generation system that acts on a cryptographic algorithm. This means that the system creates a random number based on the parameters that are inputted into it. Thus, Gamblica’s random number generator uses multi-factor models which is reliable and more secure based on the game’s outcomes.

In essence, they plan on solving the problem of online gambling through these following

  • Cheap and fast transactions
  • Globalization (international and fast payments, and global expansions)
  • Using a decentralized system that eliminates the need of fraud.

Token Sale Information

Disclaimer: Only invest in an any ICO at your own risk. All information on that post was made for educating our readers.

  • Smart Contracts Utilization: Gamblica uses smart contracts in order to ensure that each transaction is completed correctly.
  • Focused Team: Gamblica’s team is ran by gambling managers, operators, and developers. With over 10+ members, the project shows no signs of stopping until it’s fully completed.

  • Protection: How will the Gamblica coins be protected when there is a hacker attack on the network?
  • MVP: While the coin is useful, we would like to see a real product or a beta version before it can be seen as a good platform for investors.



Mainly, Gamblica makes it easier for users to gamble online without experiencing fraud or other issues when doing so. It’s received high rankings in other ICO review sites and blogs, making it a good ICO that has some promise behind it.


Adam Cole has been a crypto enthusiast for years. First getting involved in Bitcoin mining in late 2010, he has now diversified his portfolio and dug deeper into the alternative coins of the space. As new and exciting ideas arise in cryptocurrency, Jeremy is always looking for the next big thing and a coin which not only appreciates in value but also has a steady increase in use and demand. Jeremy has seen the rise of coins such as Ethereum and by studying the technical and fundamental side of ETH, he has learnt how to find similar coins that are likely to have a bright future.

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