Gastro Advisor (FORK): ICO Review

What is Gastro Advisor?

Can’t decide on where to eat? Gastro Advisor solves this problem through their restaurant recommendation app. Their development team is creating an app where users can make reviews restaurant, make reservations, and discover new locations to eat at.

Gastro Advisor icoAll of this information will be stored on its blockchain. This means that the user’s review will be unique and immutable. This improves the transparency of each review and protects the platform from voting bias.

FORK token has a concrete role in this interface. Restaurants can use this token to pay for themselves to be on the platform. Also, they can use it to incentivize users to view their restaurant.

The restaurant industry has issues with slow booking times, low-quality reviews, and unresponsive search engines. Gastro Advisor will use Ethereum’s blockchain for data storage and protect all restaurants involved in its platform. So, you’ll always have a great place to eat and a system that rewards you for doing so.


  • Online Booking: Through its GA platform, every restaurateur can create a page. They can choose whether to build it individually or have it managed. The restaurateur will have complete access over their
  • User Review Tiers: Gastro Advisor ranks user reviews from Bronze, Silver (Certified Reviews), and Gold (Blockchain Reviews). This system rewards the users who provide more information and provide quality reviews.
  • Adaptable System: Gastro Advisor is designed to adapt to the user’s preferences. It uses AI machine learning to send recommendations based on previous reviews and bookings. This solves the issue of fake information and allows GA to expand their platform globally.

Token Information

  • Website: View
  • Whitepaper: Read
  • Fundraising Goal: 1,000,000 EUR (Soft cap) -22,222,500 EUR (Hard cap)
  • Tokens Available: 200,000,000 FORK

Bounty0x username: thetechinsiderorg

  • User Rewards: Users can collect points, contribute with their information, level up, and suggest GA to other users. This makes it easier for them to receive FORK token and other incentives for using the platform.
  • Mobile App and Web Platform: GA’s team stated that they would launch an Alpha version afters its pre-ICO. After it’s ICO, the ultimate version with all of the features will be released. Both GA’s mobile app and web platform will be available to iOs and Android users.
  • Recipe Features: Gastro Advisor also allows for users to post recipes of their favorite restaurant. You can set the recipe into specific categories (Vegan, entree, dessert, etc.).

  • Whitepaper Errors: There are a few spelling errors placed on GA’s whitepaper. It’s a minor issue but can sway the opinion of some investors.
  • Restaurant Integration: Gastro Advisor will need hundred of restaurants on its platform to compete. How will its registration process be simple for newer restaurants? Giving them a simple process will help brick and mortar restaurants integrate with its system.

Gastro Advisor


To conclude, Gastro Advisor is a good project for food aficionados. Not only does it have a good interface, unique reviews, and enhanced restaurant recommendations, but its blockchain platform is secure. Thus, this ICO will be successful after it reaches the restaurant industry.


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