Gene Blockchain ICO Review: The First Genome Blockchain

What is Gene Blockchain?

gene blockchain ico reviewGene Blockchain aims to create the largest genome database. The database will have over 9 million copies. And, with its verifiable and digital nature, the project has smart contracts that help solves the un-standardization, incorrect pricing, and the fragmentation within the gene data field.

This data won’t be accessed by just technical companies or governmental organizations. But it will also be into the individual’s life. Also, Gene Blockchain is only used for people who want to obtain personalized services and products according to their human genome background.

Then, companies will create a multitude of healthcare programs, personalized drugs, social activities, and customized entertainment and leisure apps to help satisfy customer needs. All of this occurs on its platform.


  • Encryption System: Asymmetric encryption is used to protect all genome data. It solves the problem of using advanced distribution key that needs symmetric encryption.
  • Cloud Analysis Platform: Gene Blockchain has created a series of software to be used for human genome data, as well as making future products through these data models.
  • Advanced Sequencing Technology: Gene Blockchain uses HiSeq X Ten which is one of the most advanced genome sequencing platforms to help make the first human genome database.
  • Ethereum Voting: Gene Blockchain users can vote on their developer’s decision through a blockchain based voting system to create a democratic and accurate voting system.


What Issue Does it Solve?

Gene Blockchain aims to solve problems within the health industry. Human genes are taken into consideration but don’t utilize technology to help create medical diagnoses with it. As a result, inaccurate information can be made about patients and increases their risk of obtaining severe injury or death.

However, Gene Blockchain is used to help test for genetic diseases within each patient. It does this through blockchain technology, which helps the user

Token Sale Information

  • Website: View
  • Whitepaper: Read
  • Accepted Payment: ETH
  • Total Token Supply: 200,000,000

Disclaimer: We suggest that you research every ICO you’re interested in before investing in it. Our information is used for educational purposes only.

  • Low Competition: Since Gene Blockchain uses human genomes as its product, there isn’t many ICOs that can compare with the product it provides.
  • Personalized Leisure: Gene Blockchain helps users find their favorite forms of entertainment based on the difference between human gene sequences.
  • Gene Dating and Social Awareness: The app will give users accurate matches so that they can find their social groups and dating partners with ease.

  • Gene Protection: We want to know how Gene Blockchain will make sure that each user’s genes are unique within the system.
  • Product Uncertainty: While Gene Blockchain plans on developing its product, you’ll have to wait until mid 2018 to use it. Till then, it’s uncertain how their product will work in a realistic example.

Gene Blockchain


To conclude, we believe that Gene Blockchain is a good ICO for those who are interested in the medical and science field. Not only does it have a good project plan, but the team is legitimate and stands behind their product. If done correctly,


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