Globatalent ICO Review: Decentralizing the Sports Industry

What is Globatalent?

The sports industry has brought billions of dollars in revenue since its early developments in the 21st century. In fact, it raised over $100 billion dollars globally in 2017. Sports allows entire communities of people to share entertaining moments and have fun, which is rarely seen in other industries.

However, athletes and sports clubs are unable to achieve their goals, mainly due to financial reasons. For instance, the NCAA has created laws that free them from the responsibility of paying student-athletes. Because of this, and many other reasons, the sports economy needs to change.

Globatalent is a project whose main mission is to disrupt the multibillion dollar sports industry with blockchain’s technology and their 50 years experience within the field. They hope to use their platform to pay younger players and compensate them for their performance.

Globatalent’s Solution

Economic needs should not prevent athletes from developing, and sports organizations need to be financially empowered to help the global talent grow as well. Nowadays, athletes and clubs use different ways to obtain financial support. Usually, they gain income via ticketing, TV rights, prize money, sponsoring, hospitality, and other forms of income.

That’s why Globatalent decided to create a blockchain marketplace to reduce the club’s cost to buy additional players to their team. It will help them buy new members without the complications of hedge fund conditions.

Fans throughout the world can invest small to large amounts of money in their athletes or clubs. This allows them to remain bound to the potential future revenues the players and clubs can bring.


  • Ownership of Sports Right: With Globatalent, users can buy rights to their athletic idols.
  • Instant Transactions Without Fraud: Fans can instantly buy and sell with smart contracts using blockchain technology.
  • Sports Decentralization: This allows users to help each other to create a mutual benefit without the need of an intermediary entity.
  • Innovative Opportunities: Globatalent provides an opportunity for resourceful and humble people to invest in talented athletes and sportsmen and gain benefits from their future success.

Token Sale Information:

Disclaimer: We created this post with the sole intention to inform our readers on this ICO. Invest at your own risk and speak to an advisor before using your own income to invest in any ICO project.

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  • Fan Support: As a fan, you can use Globatalent’s platform to help fund your favorite athletic team or athlete.
  • User Incentive: By investing in high-performance athletes, you are rewarded in tokens the better they perform.
  • Vision: The thought to create a decentralized sporting platform is relatively new, and no other ICO is focused on the aiding the sports industry as much as Globatalent.

  • Sports Industry Legalization: How long will it take for the global sports industry to accept Globatalent’s vision?
  • Very High Hard Cap: $61 million is a bit too high for a starting ICO. This could turn off people who want a simpler ICO project.
  • Contract Disputes: We want to know how does Globatalent help users when there are contract disputes amongst athletes.



Mainly, Globatalent has the potential to revolutionize the sporting industry. With its unique vision, smart roadmap, and its plan to help athletes gain compensation, this ICO is definitely one to look out for.


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