GPCC ICO Review: Global Protected Crypto Copyrights

What is GPCC?

GPCC stands for Global Protected Crypto Copyright. Although the name may sound a bit confusing, the concept couldn’t be simpler and more intuitive. Every day, people take pictures and videos on their phones and post personal artwork or writing on the internet. Unfortunately, a lot of this is stolen and used publicly without giving the creators any credit. Most of the time, the users don’t even know their art is being used without permission.

gpcc icoGPCC allows users to upload their images, videos, and other files to their account where they will be copyrighted and protected using blockchain technology. The GPCC crawler will ensure that nobody else is using the image without your consent, and will also allow others to purchase copyrights to your content for various uses.

In addition to copyrighting, GPCC will also allow upcoming creative individuals to fund artistic ideas such as films or books. Ultimately this platform is designed to give artists and content creators the respect and recognition that they deserve.


  • Crowdfund Your Ideas: One of the greatest features of GPCC is that it allows users to post their ideas for a project. Other users can then contribute funds to your cause, allowing dreams to come true.
  • Image Tracking: Once you’ve uploaded and copyrighted your content on the GPCC database, their crawlers will constantly go through the web and ensure that nobody else is using your images or videos without consent. If they are, you will be notified and can decide how to handle it.
  • Allows Users To Monetize Their Creations: If you take great pictures or make digital art, you would probably love to make some money off it, right? Now you can. GPCC allows users to post content, and sell usage or ownership rights for monetary compensation.

What Issue Does it Solve?

GPCC solves the issue of digital art theft. The pictures you post on social media, the art you upload on forums, and just about anything else that you can think of is a target. Every day, content creators unknowingly have their work stolen and used without their consent. GPCC wants to provide content creators with a way to protect their art and also to sell it to willing parties who are looking for what they have to offer.

Token Sale Information

Disclaimer: All information on this post is made to educate our readers. Don’t invest in any ICO unless you’re confident about its capabilities and do so at your own risk.

  • Provides a solution to a real-world problem
  • Offers everyday artists a way to make money from their creations
  • Prevents digital theft and unauthorized image use
  • Allows artists to search for crowdfunding

  • Not the first ICO with this idea, they will have some competition
  • They don’t provide much information about their legal team and how they will handle copyright violation.



GPCC has a great idea for their product as well as a very solid team and a detailed whitepaper. Their product aims to solve the very real problem of image and personal data theft on the internet through providing a way for users to copyright their personal content. The fact that they also allow users to search for crowdfunding is a plus.
Although they are not the first ICO to provide notarization and copyright services, they do have a particularly strong team and good advertising. These will go a long way to help them handle competition.


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