HeartBit (HBIT): ICO Review

What is HeartBit?

While the medical industry is known for saving millions of lives each year, their electrocardiography compartment tools have a few setbacks. They are expensive, and some don’t produce accurate information for the wearer. Thus, resulting in inaccurate results and lower performance.

heartbit icoHeartBit is an electrocardiography compartment that’s used to monitor the health status of your heart. The system has improved due to the implementation of blockchain technology which creates data security, especially for important or classified information.

How does it work? HeartBit’s algorithm creates a behavioral environment that requires exercises on a routine basis. These are based on your physical and medical background. It helps make premium subscriptions and connects users to personal training experts. They will work well with the users to help create relevant advice based on the data analysis created by the system algorithm.


  • Real Time Date Tracking: HeartBit has a risk analysis algorithm which helps detect the risk of stroke and cardiac arrest. The band will give the wearer warnings throughout their exercise.
  • Machine Learning and AI: HeartBit’s AI machine learning is created by IBM Waston (It can tell you what weather conditions help you reach your best physical performance).
  • Accurate: The combined software and hardware solution creates the separation of noise disturbance and input from the muscles, heart, and the environment. This gives the clearest signal for Heart Bit’s algorithm.
  • Environmental Sensor: HeartBit’s environmental sensor will help determine the dangerous gases within the city. As a result, the system is able to tell you when and where are the safest conditions to exercise.
  • High-Frequency Measurement: HeartBit takes a sample rate at 2,000 Hz an electrode, which provides over 6,000 data points in total. Competing devices have only 1-2 data points a second.

Token Information

  • Website: View
  • Whitepaper: Read
  • Fundraising Goal: $3,000,000 – $30,750,000 (Hard cap)
  • Total Tokens Available: 200,000,000 HRT
  • Price: .25 = 1 HRT

Bounty0x username: thetechinsiderorg

  • Tokenization: HBIT token is used to define the transaction utility within the system. The demand has been denoted by donations that lead to program rewards through the gathering of discounts. Users can use this token to obtain services and products that are offered.
  • HeartBit Rewards Program: Users can join the HeartBit rewards program to track your improvements and health on a leaderboard. As an extra incentive, HBIT tokens that are made by donations are added to HeartBit’s Reward Pool, where the tokens are distributed to users who show the most improvements or have maintained their fitness.
  • Personal Trainer Advantage: Personal Trainers and coaches might gain an advantage by tracking their metrics and real data of their clients. Fitness Enthusiasts and athletes can get an accurate representation of how their exercises affect their overall health.

  • User Safety: Even though HeartBit is powered by blockchain technology, there is a change that it can still get hacked. How does HeartBit’s development team solve this problem?



To conclude, HeartBit is a good project for those who are serious about their health. Not only does it use blockchain technology to increase the transparency of data, but it also encourages users to create a solid exercise routine. We hope that this project completes their roadmap, as it will mark a positive change for the health industry.


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