Howdoo: Token Review

What is Howdoo?

Howdoo is a social network and messaging platform. It does not sell any personal data that may be uploaded on to the platform, however, rewards users for usage and uploads of content throughout their operation of Howdoo.  It also allows advertisers to focus their ads on their target market, given the user has agreed to ads. The user can then also benefit by receiving a share of the overall returns by the advertising campaign they have viewed on the social network platform, ‘providing a revenue stream for the user,’ or even have the option to switch off ads altogether.

A platform planned to ‘revolutionize current social media,’ with a ‘decentralized approach.’ Users allocate what fascinates them, they have complete control of social media content that they see and have the option to ‘monetize’ any advertising activities. Howdoo believes they are a contradiction to current social networks that use users personal data for their own financial gain but give back to the users for their movement with Howdoo.

howdoo icoAspects

  • UDoo wallet: Udoo is a token created by Howdoo which will be used as a currency on Howdoos platform. It will be used ‘for transferring value between users, advertisers, and operators of the Howdoo network.’ The users of Howdoo will be given individual uDoo wallets for holding their uDoo tokens. Howdoo aims to create the uDoo wallet with the vision that it will be user-friendly and as easy to use as Paypal or Skrill. Users will be able to deposit and withdraw uDoo tokens into fiat currency, with the option to show uDoo amounts alongside the user’s fiat currency so that there is no need for constant exchange rate calculations.
  • Distributed autonomous communities: Any user will have the option to create a ‘community.’ The creator of the community will have the option of keeping the community private, between friends and family, or ‘borderless collections of people who share a common interest.’ Communities can transfer value and chat with each other with users able to join communities with the same interest.
  • Proof of contribution: A proof of contribution is a rating that is given to users as an aggregate and separately, in each community the user has joined. The rating provides an incentive to users as it helps gain rewards of ‘purchasing and holding uDoo.’
  • Messaging: Users will be able to communicate amongst themselves like normal ‘centralized messaging applications’ that exist today, with pictures, files, videos and emojis included. There will also be an option to communicate within communities, like a group chat, called channels. However, you will also be able to create further channels contingent upon other users proof of contribution rating.
  • Democratic moderation: Users and community members will be able to moderate content they see amongst themselves, ‘flagging any messages, images or video content deemed by them as being inappropriate.’ Once a ‘quorum agreement’ has been decided amongst other users or community then the system will remove the content.
  • Advertising: Users can decide whether they would like ads or no ads when using Howdoo. Users will be given the chance to set the number of ads they see in each individual community and be able to adjust the amount they see ‘quickly and easily, whenever the user wants to,’ with the option of modes to make it even easier for the user to change advert settings. However, choosing no ads prevents the users from gaining any uDoo tokens. User and communities will be given full oversight over their personal data that is shared with advertisers and what data can be used when producing an advertising campaign. Advertisers will obtain information about users and communities so that advertisers can make a decision on whether advertising in a certain community is worthwhile as the advertisers will have ‘to pay a small transaction fee in uDoo upon each successful bid.’ Howdoo will also provide advertisers with records of where the adverts have appeared, formulating which communities are most effective for advertising.
  • Transactions/Transfers: ‘The Howdoo platform will also enable individual users to transfer money to each other either as standalone payments, or a single leg of a purchase transaction,’ such as selling digital assets ‘e.g. music and artwork.’ Users will also be able to convert fiat currency into uDoo instantly and uDoo tokens into fiat currency using a Howdoo teller, removing any ‘accruing transfer fees, foreign exchange commission charges, clearing delays or general interference.’

What Issue Does it Solve?

Howdoo authorizes the user to choose whether they would like advertisements on their experience with the social network platform and will be rewarded if they do. Furthermore, personal data is in the control of the user and not sold to advertisers, where usually centralized social networks sell for their own financial gain, but Howdoo also provides an extra level of control for personal data being exposed to advertisers. Choosing how much is given to other users or communities and also advertisers.

Token Sale Information

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Disclaimer: All information on this post is made to educate our readers. Don’t invest in any ICO unless you’re confident about its capabilities and do so at your own risk.

  • Provides users with the chance to decline or accept advertisements on the social network platform, and if they do, they will receive payments.
  • Personal data is not sold but able to be fully controlled by the user, with separate exposure levels to other users and to advertisers.
  • Able to direct or community message other users in a centralised manner using photos, videos and emojis.
  • Able to transfer fiat money into uDoo instantly and create exchanges globally without any expenses or complications.

  • Howdoos concept will only work once users and advertisers join the social platform



Howdoos social network and messaging platform could be a huge hit in the years to come. With huge scandals over privacy and leaked data in the past years, Howdoo could provide the answer to the next ‘big thing’ of social networks, allowing users to choose whether they would like adverts or not. The flexibility within the acceptation of adverts and being rewarded financially if they do. And implementing trust on what data is shown throughout Howdoo. We accept great things by Howdoo in the years to come.

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