IdeaCoin ICO Review – Is IdeaCoin A Scam?

IdeaCoin has recently been brought to my attention as an amazing new ICO with a great lending platform. I instantly checked it out and was shocked how well made their website and back-office were. Today I’ll be helping you guys to make your decision if IdeaCoin will be worthwhile for you and if there is good money to be made in the Idea Coin platform.

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IdeaCoin Review

IdeaCoin is an investment platform that provides lending, staking and a trust network. IdeaCoin aims to be a high quality, profitable and a reliable service/platform. They hope to bring you maximum profits safely and securely, whilst also maintaining stability in this very volatile and sometimes crazy crypto currency world. If you’ve seen UCoinCash you’ll be familiar with how a lending platform works, however I’ll run through the basic idea(haha funny I know) of how IdeaCoin works.

By browsing the back office we can see that they are currently attempting to run their ICO(initial coin offering).

Ideacoin backoffice

The back office looks very sleek. You can easily navigate to any of the menu items such as the affiliate section to see your referrals, or the wallet section to deposit Bitcoin into the platform to allow yourself to invest into the ICO or the lending platform.

IdeaCoin ICO

So the Idea Coin ICO will begin on the 20th of November(TODAY). It will finish on December 10th. There will be 15 million tokens for sale, and a total of 16.5 million tokens with the referral system in place rewarding users.

It will consist of 5 rounds:

  • Round 1: 1.6 Million Coins $0.85
  • Round 2: 1.8 Million Coins $0.90
  • Round 3: 2 Million Coins $0.95
  • Round 4: 2.2 Million Coins $1.00
  • Round 5: 2.4 Million Coins $1.05

The rest of the 4.5 million remaining coins for the total supply will be available by mining and PoS (proof of stake).

Getting into the ICO – or as most people say it out loud; initial coin offering will be a difficult task. By looking at previous lending platforms we can see that EthConnect had such unstable server issues that many people were unable to buy. Not only were the servers frequently offline, but the coins would sell out so fast when they came online that it was almost impossible for anyone without a bot to purchase. The reason these tokens or coins as many call them, sell out so fast is due to the return on investment after the ICO is complete. Often times these coins will go 10x, 50x, or even 100x in cases such as Bitconnect.


IdeaCoin Lending

The highest return available on the Idea Coin platform will be 45% of your investment every month. This is a VERY HIGH and rather suspicious amount, although many platforms such as Bitconnect offer similar returns.

Similar to most lending platforms there will be different levels depending on your investment amount. For smaller investment capital returns are much longer and are expected to be around 240 days. For larger amounts of $50000 – $99999 you can see your capital returned in just over 90 days.

IdeaCoin Binary Bonus And Referral

As a marketing effort IdeaCoin has a very unique and interesting referral and binary system in place. By signing up for IdeaCoin here you will be eligible to binary bonuses that are earned by me. People that sign up under you will also be entitled to bonuses, so it helps supplement being a referral of someone else who is doing well on that platform.


IdeaCoin Roadmap

Sept 2017 – The IdeaBot trading platform will be launched into Beta

Oct 2017 – IDEACoin site launch, as well as a beta version of the IdeaCoin system

Nov 2017 – IdeaCoin crowdsale/ICO

Dec 2017 – Lending platform release, IDEA internal exchange, Binary system and marketing efforts

Jan 2018 – Listing on Coinmarketcap, Livecoin and CoinExchange

Feb 2018 – IdeaCoin Block Explorer, Desktop Wallet release

March 2018 – IdeaBot v2.0 release

Idea Coin Price Predictions

IdeaCoin ICO Price: $1.00

IdeaCoin Price in 3 months: $15

Returns: 1500%


Note: You can find the reddit for this project here: Ideacoin reddit.

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