iOlite ICO Review: Making Solidity Coding Easier

What is iOlite?

iolite icoiOlite‘s primary goal is to create a platform that’s not just used for financial purposes but to make it accessible for users who need its coding system to make their own smart contracts. Based on its whitepaper, iOlite wants to help everyone in the crypto community utilize Solidity so they can create their own ICOs.


  • IDE: iOlite uses popular IDEs such as Eclipse and Visual Studio via a plugin that’s from the development environment and contact it through blockchain and iOlite’s FAE.
  • FAE: iOlite created a Fast Adoption Engine that’s used to adapt to any programming language and convert it to a smart contract within seconds.

What Issue Does it Solve?

When it comes to the growth and development of blockchain technology, the largest issue that most programs tend to face is scalability. Certain events such as the launch of CryptoKitties. While the program is viewed as adorable, it shows that blockchains are vulnerable when it comes to scaling to meet a large audience.

To elaborate, some of these platforms have a hard time handling a myriad of transactions per second. If blockchain could create a product with a high processing rate (think of credit card transactions), then it would be able to fulfill the needs of millions of people on its network.

Also, there are developers around the world who might not be able to use Solidity (Ethereum’s main language for smart contracts). Because of this, it can cost a business a lot of financial losses if their code has multiple bugs and issues placed on it.

iOlite solves this problem by creating a platform that uses Ethereum’s blockchain to accept multiple native languages and different code. With its FAE and IDE adaptation, users can make their own smart contracts with the coding language they are naturally skilled in.

Additionally, they have a Dependency-based Action Language. It’s apart of iOlite’s foundation teamwork, and each of its language subsets will support:

  • Staging code (sending new proposals to the community)
  • Core base code
  • Unittest blocks
  • Converting the previous language into smart contract schema.

Thus, iOlite helps by decentralizing Solidity itself. With its technology and vision, it will help users of all coding backgrounds quickly convert their native language into Solidity. This increases the number of smart contracts and increases the value of Ethereum’s platform.

Token Sale Information

Disclaimer: All of our information is made for educational purposes only. Invest at your own risk and only do so with ICOs you trust and have thoroughly conducted research for.

  • Coding Versatility: With iOlite, you can use Java, C+, Python, Ruby, and other coding languages to create smart contracts on Solidity.
  • Ease of Use: iOlite promises to make its platform simple for coders of different backgrounds to use.
  • Token Utility: With iOlite’s tokens, users can quickly convert their native code into a smart contract.

  • Integration Complications: How accurate is iOlite’s FAE system? Will it have issues with translating user’s code?



We believe that iOlite can help a myriad of coders who need extra assistance in making smart contacts. Coding can be a complicated language for newcomers, and iOlite’s goal is to make it accessible to everyone. If the company follows their roadmap, chances are we’ll have a new way for coding developers to create high-quality smart contracts.


Adam Cole has been a crypto enthusiast for years. First getting involved in Bitcoin mining in late 2010, he has now diversified his portfolio and dug deeper into the alternative coins of the space. As new and exciting ideas arise in cryptocurrency, Jeremy is always looking for the next big thing and a coin which not only appreciates in value but also has a steady increase in use and demand. Jeremy has seen the rise of coins such as Ethereum and by studying the technical and fundamental side of ETH, he has learnt how to find similar coins that are likely to have a bright future.

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