Iron Block ICO Review: Selling Machinery Tools the Decentralized Way

What is Iron Block?

iron block icoIron Block is an ICO project that’s aimed at the construction and machinery industry. One of the key values it has is to give provide a platform that utilizes data security and follows up with market transparency to prevent future issues.

It’s a decentralized platform solves most of the issues presented within the physical labor industry. To fix the other half of issues, it has multiple objectives that make it easier for anyone to buy, sell, or trade heavy machinery within its ecosystem.

The transactions that occur within its network will be conducted through the use of blockchain and smart contracts. This makes it efficient as both parties are responsible for the equipment and the quality of it.

For instance, there are some occasions where equipment is sold in bad condition. Iron Block ensures that these equipment issues are noted. With Iron Block,  it prevents scammers from selling low-quality equipment on its platform.


  • Type 1 License: This includes the issues that occur within the machinery industry and takes care of the problem by giving users better-servicing facilities.
  • Type 2 License: Agents give better support for doing transactions and arrange the correct services that are needed for the improvement of the platform.
  • Marketplace: Looks after the machinery and verifies that it’s of good quality.

What Issue Does it Solve?

Physical projects such as mining and farming require heavy equipment to complete. The problem is that most construction companies don’t have heavy equipment. Most construction companies tend to rent their goods from third parties.

Now, online bidding has become a popular choice construction companies who are in need of equipment. However, the process isn’t as smooth as expected and has a multitude of issues have occurred from doing this form of trading.

Iron Block solves this problem by creating an escrow service that uses blockchain technology. As a result, there will be an increased openness, ease, certainty, and improved transaction speed. Certification of the data includes an L/C for equipment logistics, legal support, and customs registration.

Iron Block acts as a validator for heavy equipment data. Iron Block is responsible for determining the quality of the machinery, license issuing, and recording. Thus, making it a decentralized way.

Token Sale Information

Disclaimer: Our information is made for educational purposes only. Invest at your risk and don’t partake in any ICO without a qualified advisor giving you the ok.

  • Tech Passport Included: This gives users the ability to look at the maintenance history of a tool. It shows how much work has been completed, date, cost, and other important information.
  • Machinery Quality: Iron Block helps companies obtain high-quality machinery to help them complete projects. It uses smart contracts to prevent hackers and scammers from selling fake/ low-grade tools.
  • Valid Licenses: Iron Block has multiple types of licensing levels which are suited to help small and large machinery companies get the tools they need.

  • Tool Replacement: How does the system act when a tool is broken or needs to be replaced?
  • Competitors: How will Iron Block compare against its competitors? Will it be able to comply with brick and mortar companies in the long term?

Iron Block


Overall, Iron Block is the ICO that plans to aid 1 trillion dollar construction industry. If the project is done well, we can see an increased count of tools being sold and machinery projects being completed. Until then, we’ll have to see how this ICO follows its roadmap!


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