JET8 ICO Review: Decentralizing Social Media

What is JET8?

jet8 ico reviewJET8 is a project that aims to disrupt the current social media industry. They do this by using their JET8 token and 4 other apps (explained in Aspects section) to help users receive the engagement they need.


  • Fullstack App: Users can create videos or selfies on the app. You can create Geo-stickers, Geo-frames, and publish your posts on multiple social media platforms. JET8’s dashboard allows app owners to focus on growth and marketing. These apps are then released onto Apple App Store and Google Play.
  • Data Mining: JET8 creates a marketplace where brands and users can decide on how they will exchange data. Users are prompted in the app and asked if they want to share their personal data, they’ll gain rewards if they do.
  • Social Sampling: Giveaways and other formats only receive 3-5% of the responses that they marketed to. With JET8’s digital social sampling, you can customize, target, and convert via a smart data dashboard.
  • Co2Co Engagement: Geo-frames and Geo-stickers give your brand the opportunity to be apart of your customer’s personal journey. They can be used when creating daily moments (pictures, selfies, and videos) and is sent to multiple social media platforms by its multiple users. Generate realistic sales and reward users with JET8’s native currency JET.

What Issue Does it Solve?

The main issue with social media is the inability of users to get paid. Their data is always bought and sought after by companies, but the users receive no rewards for their content. This is a major problem as it’s taking the revenue away from content creators.

But, JET8 attempts to combat this issue by creating a social media network that gives content creators compensation for their data and their work.

In an age where Instagram models can receive over thousands of dollars for one post, JET 8 has made it easier for smaller brands to scale in value by signing up more average users. Users are then able to leverage JET8’s app to share posts or photos with their own branded frames to distribute to social media platforms.

To demonstrate the potential, JET8 gives its supporters the ability to earn tokens by posting videos about their network. The more engagement the video has, the more J8T they’ll have.

Token Sale Information

  • Website: View
  • Whitepaper: Read
  • Token Sale Target: 450,000,000
  • Token Price: $.10 USD

Disclaimer: Invest at your own risk! Everything produced in this article was made for informative purposes only.

  • User Incentive: Using JET8 allows users to create their brand. By doing so, it helps them receive JET tokens for participating on their platform.
  • Social Media Integration: JET8 allows users to share their content on all popular social media networks.
  • Full Stack App: Users like this app as it allows them to create their own iterations and designs with the JET8’s open source code.

  • Social Media Competition: Creating this app will place JET8 in direct competition with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.



Investing in JET8 might be a great idea if you’re a social media marketer, but we’ll have to see how the ICO performs in the future to see if it really reaches its potential. Still, it does have great features and could possibly disrupt the social media industry if it acts correctly.


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