Korona Coin: ICO Review

How Does Korona Coin Work?

Imagine if you only needed a single cryptocurrency because it was so stable and compatible with the existing market. That is the dream behind Korona Coin, which is more than just a token; it represents an entire marketplace and ecosystem that will be the life or death of the currency itself.

While what Korona Coin is doing is by no means revolutionary, you will have to consider that this hasn’t been accomplished, even though it has been attempted. Korona Coin is looking to change that.

Korona Coin icoWhat Problem Does It Solve?

  • A Wide Range of Incompatible Currencies: With Korona Coin, you will no longer have to worry about juggling 30 different currencies, as this one will provide you with all of the utility that you need. While investors and traders will till need to do so, the average person will be able to do anything they want with Korona Coin.
  • All of the Benefits of Crypto, None of the Downsides: Since Korona Coin is hoping to become a mainstream face of cryptocurrency, there are many helpful aspects to them, like their fiat conversion without the use of a third party.

ICO Information

  • Website: Here
  • White Paper: Read
  • Fundraising Goal: Soft cap: 3.500 ETH Hard cap: 96.224 ETH
  • Accepted Tokens: ETH

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Disclaimer: The information on this post was made for educational purposes only. If you do plan on investing in ICOs, then do so at your own risk.

  • Reward System: Like many other ICOs, Korona Coin will feature a generous reward system that provides users with tokens simply for utilizing the service. Of course, while the number of tokens won’t be significant, they will tend to accumulate over time, as long as you keep using the Korona Ecosystem.
  • Cryptobank Support: The Korona Cryptobank exists so that businesses and other registered high-volume users will have access to support above and beyond what the typical user will receive. Keep in mind that these benefits would only be helpful for a business, regardless.
  • A Streamlined System: The beauty of Korona Coin is that it integrates everything that a crypto investor will need into a single place that is easy to access. For example, you can always access your Korona wallet directly on your phone, and you can also take advantage of their instant payment system. They even have a fiat guarantee without the use of a middle-man.

  • Are They Trying to Do Too Much at Once?: One of the questions that we have to ask is whether or not the plans for Korona Coin are a little more ambitious than the developers can hope to deliver on. There have been other projects that have attempted what Korona is doing, but the technology just wasn’t there. We’ll find out if they can make it work.

Korona Coin


We hope that this review of Korona Coin has provided all of the info that you were looking for. This ecosystem/cryptocurrency hybrid is looking very promising if it stays on the same track.


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