Kurecoin: ICO Review

What is Kurecoin?

Kurecoin is a ‘decentralized cryptocurrency built with a proof of stake algorithm for investors and the entire cryptocurrency community in the KurecoinHUB ecosystem.’ Kurecoin ‘bridges the gap’ between local fiat and cryptocurrencies as it offers an instant purchase mechanism with the ability to complete transactions of cryptocurrencies supposedly as if it were ‘cash or money stored in their bank accounts.’ Kurecoins payment system allows merchants to not be ‘exposed to the risk of displaying their addresses publicly.’

Kurecoin ICOThe Kurecoinhub is a platform for financial activities available in both fiat and cryptocurrencies. The platform offers collateral-free loans to businesses or users in fiat who bank their assets on the platform. Users will receive dividends on each cryptocurrency that bank on the platform. Loans are available for up to 50% of every crypto banked on the platform. Kurecoin allows the purchases of up to 5 different cryptocurrencies where later on, more will be able to be added but individual wallet addresses will be not required. The hub basically ‘allows users to; buy, sell, bank as many cryptocurrencies that are purchased and users can request loans in fiat.


  • The Kure Exchange:  The main target for Kure Exchange is to house as many different types cryptocurrencies as possible, not only from Africa from every part of the world. Kurecoin considers having the Kure Exchange as a valuable asset as it holds different cryptocurrencies diversifying its portfolio, creating stability, encouraging users to bank their cryptocurrencies in the Kurecoinhub.
  • Kurepay: Kurepay is a payment system using blockchain technology which consists of 3 components; an E-wallet, a payment gateway, and a debit/credit card. The E-wallet can be funded using fiat currencies from regular bank accounts/debit and credit cards which are partnered up with the payment gateway which works as a plug-in system for SMEs. The sole purpose of this is for organizations needing funds from users with differing remittances such as credit cards, internet banking systems, and cryptocurrency wallets. The third component to Kurepay is the Kure card which has the ability to access all Kurecoins products and versatile enough to be used anywhere in the world. Kurepay is working with a global card company to give users the exclusivity where ever they go.

What Issue Does it Solve?

Enables users of Kurecoinhub to bank their native fiat/assets into cryptocurrencies and receive dividends on each cryptocurrency that they bank. Being a utility token, Kurecoins value shall rise giving a better valuation of the coin and be benefiting the user once the ICO is over. Kurecoinhub also provides collateral-free loans which normal banks would not give for SMEs at a margin of 50% of all cryptocurrencies banked. Kure exchange also caters to the stability of Kurecoin by diversifying its ownership of cryptocurrencies so that there is overall trust when banking on the coin.

Token Sale Information

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Disclaimer: All information on this post is made to educate our readers. Don’t invest in any ICO unless you’re confident about its capabilities and do so at your own risk.

  • Kurecoin allows instant purchase of cryptocurrencies using local fiat and enables the spending of it
  • Loans are available in fiat with no collateral fees
  • Kurecoin is a utility token which exempts itself from federal laws on governing securities and can appreciate over time
  • No risk of exposure of users addresses publicly
  • Zero transaction fees

  • Will a 50% allowance on loans provide enough stability for the overall coin in such an early stage of its development or will it have to be reduced slightly



Kurecoins overall simplicity between its hub and all of its projects which are operated differently and independently provide a structure and value to Kurecoin. The bridge between the current monetary/financial system and cryptocurrency has been solved with this coin, given its forecast for the year, Kurecoins true value should erupt. We wish the very best to Kurecoin and what its plans are for the year.

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