Leverage (LVP): ICO Review

What is Leverage?

Leverage is a decentralised platform showing full information transparency and data sharing, generating completely traceable business ventures and investments. Leverage has designed a token called LVP that is not regulated, prompting users to bank their assets on the currency to ‘earn substantial interest.’

leverage icoAspects

  • Automated Trading Arbitrage: Leverage uses artificial intelligence (AI) trading bots which have been designed and developed over years of research with firsthand experience to ‘exploit market inefficiencies and volatility by exploiting arbitrage possibilities.’ The trading bots will operate on all cryptocurrency chains, machine learning throughout its lifetime, maximising profits.
  • Diversified Asset Investing: Leverage will maintain a diversified portfolio, using all cryptocurrencies available, to maximise profits whilst diminishing its risk factor on the investments it makes. Leverage may also ‘hold strategic financial positions’ in risky assets which have large potential to grow; short term volatility may provide Leverage and its stakeholders with larger payoffs and greater wealth overall, guaranteeing its promise of interest.
  • Referral Bounties: Users who refer friends will be rewarded with 5 LVP tokens per referral. Depending on how many referrals occur, there is a possibility of supplementary tokens and interest rate bonuses.

What Issue Does it Solve?

Leverage aims to maximise its interest payoffs which are already better than what current banks are offering. With LVP being unregulated, there is no tax on the assets invested, meaning Leverage can be seen as a ‘safe haven’ for many users assets. Leverage also ‘guarantees to redeem promises to pay interest’ therefore keeps sufficient reserves just in case there is loss in one of its trades, maintaining sustainability for Leverage. Funds deposited will also be hedged, cancelling out any obscured price movements, offsetting any risk.

Token Sale Information

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Disclaimer: All information on this post is made to educate our readers. Don’t invest in any ICO unless you’re confident about its capabilities and do so at your own risk.

  • High interest guaranteed when investing assets
  • Diversified portfolios to minimise risk but maximise profits
  • Complete transparency with Leverages business actions

  • Guaranteed interest payoffs daily may be unsustainable

Leverage (LTP)


Leverages trading bots have been set up precisely for cryptocurrencies and not stock exchanges, this trading platform could create a bank run. Offering higher interest than banks with benefits of referrals, who would like to save their money in banks when this platform gives the user a better payoff with no penalties of withdrawals. Leverage could be the new central bank globally.

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