Loomia ICO Review: Data Friendly Smart Clothes

What is Loomia?

Loomia ICO reviewLoomia plans to improve the smart technology that’s used in our everyday clothing. And it uses blockchain technology to ensure that the clothes work efficiently and without failure. Its main goal is to integrate data collection and blockchain aspects into clothing to help users stay safe in changing weather environments.


  • Loomia Tile: Loomia tile works with the Loomia Electronic Layer, a flexible and soft circuit that’s able to detect changes in the environment such as rain and heat. This is used to help your clothes adapt to the environment and make the user more comfortable.
  • Loomia Data Exchange: Loomia has a decentralized data exchange where users can sell their personal data to market researchers. The data is anonymous, meaning that the real data is obtained, but the user’s information remains private.
  • Loomia Electronic Layer: The electronic layer works as a data unit for the Loomia Tile. You can only access this layer when its placed on the Tile network and through your own fingerprints.

What Issue Does it Solve?

Currently, our clothes are used for practical situations but doesn’t have much technology behind it. This means that while we have nicely made outfits designed with the most expensive fabrics, they aren’t able to react to certain conditions to the environments.

With Loomia, they promise that your boots can determine when it’s cold outside and warm up. Having trouble finding contents inside your purse, Loomia has a lighting system that lights up the bag for you.

Loomia’s fabric embedded technology provides an opportunity for users who want to sell their data during emergency situations to researchers who need that kind of authentic information. Loomia’s electronic layer is washable, supports heating, lighting, and sensing applications.

Through working with companies, Loomia’s goal is to integrate data and transmitting fabrics to shoes and jackets, and they are close to hitting the market. Basically, Loomia plans to revolutionize both the fashion and technology industry with its innovative product.

Token Sale Information

Disclaimer: Don’t invest in any ICO unless you’ve spoken to your advisor. Our content is made for educational purposes only so don’t use us as investment advice!

  • Rights to Data: Loomia’s main application is to gather biometric data. Personal data is viewed as the most valued commodities in the world, and if the user wants to, they have the rights to own their data while also having the freedom to sell or share it.
  • Safe to Wear: Loomia’s Tile feature can be easily worn and removed once the user is finished with it. It’s non-toxic and soft, meaning that they won’t cause skin irritation when worn.
  • LED Application: For most garments, Loomia has a LED feature that allows them to become more visible in public, find important items, or to the user’s personal desires.

  • Data Selling: We hope that Loomia further explains how their technology helps users sell data in later installments.
  • Technological Issues: There could be a slight chance that Loomia’s Tile might accidentally harm the user.

Technological Issues: There could be a slight chance that Loomia’s Tile might accidentally harm the user.


To conclude, Loomia is made to add functionality to your favorite clothes. We don’t know the future, but this ICO has good growth potential, a responsive team, and a great product behind it. It will be interesting to see how this ICO develops within the upcoming years.


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