MartCoin ICO – Is MartCoin A Scam? Honest Mart Coin Review

MartCoin has recently been brought into the spotlight and I think it has the legs to produce large returns on investment for people getting into the MartCoin ICO. I hope today my review on Mart Coin can help you make an informed decision on whether this crypto asset is a good investment choice.

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MartCoin Review

When it comes to these lending platforms, it’s very important that you consider every intricate detail and find out as much information as possible. Something small can be a giveaway that the platform is likely to exit scam or not be a good investment platform. By inspecting the MartCoin platform I can spot no red flags, the team seems to have created and designed a very aesthetically pleasing platform, I have communicated with the team and found them to be very open and transparent, something I rarely find when it comes to lending platforms.

Mart Coin hopes to be a leader in the lending space, they are looking to develop a coin associated with many gambling/betting sites and companies and allow you to use your MartCoins to gamble on any sports, casino games or companies of your choice. Not only can you use the coin for gambling, you can also use the coin with their gambling related lending platform. This all adds tons of excitement and makes me very optimistic, as MartCoin hasn’t looked to just be a quick copycat cash grab, but instead have chosen to develop something unique.

MartCoin Bonus

MartCoin ICO

The ICO or more commonly known as initial coin offering is a chance for you to put some trust into the platform and in return get the early investor price. Angel investors often spread their investments into small chunks and choose to enter a variety of different opportunities. This is a very successful strategy and we think you should employ the same tactic when picking lending platforms.

On TheTechInsider we review the top lending platforms and I think MartCoin will be one of our Top 5! The ICO price ranges from $0.50 to $1.25. If you purchase earlier into the ICO you will be able to get it at a cheaper price, however closer to the end you will be paying a nearly 2x premium. We highly recommend you try to get into the crowdsale earlier rather than later. By using the link on this post, you will get an 8% bonus!

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MartCoin Lending

The lending on Mart Coin is the most unique and exciting we’ve seen. It incorporates a slight gambling aspect to give investors/users of the service a chance to win 67% interest per day. When we heard this number, we though they were joking, or it was a scam, but it’s certainly not. Some lucky people (probably very few) will get a 67% interest rate per day. Although most will still get a very high interest rate of 1% per day, some will be more fortunate than others.

This gambling aspect and chance to win big is what I think will attract a wide variety of investors and gamblers to the platform. This in turn should increase the token price for investors as more and more people will be using the platform.

To lock your coins in an investment, you simply purchase some Bitcoin/Ethereum and send it over to the MartCoin website. You then purchase the MartCoins and proceed to then lend them by spinning the wheel and seeing where your luck will take you! We hope that anyone reading this article gets lucky and you can be one of the very few people getting a 67% interest rate per day and making 20 times your money in 1 month. Yes, that’s a 2000% ROI in 1 month, even for crypto that’s an insane amount.

MartCoin Bonus

MartCoin Roadmap

To be complete by end of Q4 2017:

  • Start Token Sale.
  • Launch the internal trading exchange.
  • Launch the Spinning program.
  • Release a mobile wallet.
  • Mining with Mobile.

To be complete by end of Q2 2018:

  • Listed on CoinExchange, Yobit, Coinmarketcap.
  • Complete global online football betting website and mobile application.
  • Upgrade and add 20 kinds of online betting for the platform.
  • Marketing in over 100 countries
  • Deploying marketing in all countries around the world.
  • The total value of betting transactions using MartCoin: $15 billion.
  • Occupy about 0.5% of market share in the betting market.

MartCoin Price Prediction

Average MartCoin ICO Price: $0.80

Expected Price In 3 Months: $50

Potential ROI(Return on Investment): 6250%

How To Sign Up?

You Can Sign Up For MartCoin Here And Get 8% Sign Up Bonus:

MartCoin Bonus

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