Momentum Token: ICO Review

What is Momentum Token?

One of the biggest problems within today’s retail industry is the consumer reward’s system. While there are rewards available, some consumers feel as if it is not enough based on the level of service and loyalty they give to certain brands.

Momentum Token ICOThe developers behind Momentum Token believe that that traditional marketing has a lack of tact and personalization. As a result, a lot of loyalty programs fail because the customers have limited control over their loyalty rewards. Most of the time, the points expire or are wasted.

Momentum Token is a project focused on blockchain marketing automation. They aim to create a space where companies can reward loyal customers for their support.

The project’s main goal is to redefine the way companies build consumer relationships. They plan on doing this by using Momentum Token to help give consumers control over their data and reward them for their brand recognition.

Due to the failure of traditional loyalty programs, the company created Momentum token. The native currency is a digital reward that can be traded within or outside the platform. As a result, users will feel as if they have complete control over the rewards that are offered to them.

The management team behind this company is lead by Kees De Vos (CEO) who has over 15 years experience within the sales area, Ariel Luedi (chairman) who has over 20 years experience and Eyal Oster (president) who has 20 years of leadership experience. Thus, making increasing the project’s rate of success due to the high-quality team that’s behind it.


Momentum’s primary function is to act as a loyalty token for companies that want to use token-based incentives. You can use them to reward customers that want to support a specific brand. The company shows that people who use similar products have users that are 100x more active, meaning that they’ll be able to gather 40x more consumer data.

And it helps users have complete control over their data. For instance, you can sell it for tokens or keep it to yourself. This is a great system because it helps benefits customers by helping them sell their data and receive a profit out of it.

Token Metrics

  • Customer Loyalty Rewards: For staying dedicated to certain brands, customers can receive Momentum Tokens to help them purchase other tokens or receive rewards within their favorite brands.
  • Business Plan and Strong Leadership: Momentum token has a team of leaders that have over 15+ years of experience. This gives the project a more developed business plan and ensures that the team will work on it until project completion.
  • Business Incentives: If you have a business where you like to reward customers for working with your business, Momentum token will help keep them onboard.

  • Originality: There are already a few ICOs that have the same project idea already. This means that Momentum Token will have to create an innovative product in order to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Momentum Token


To conclude, we believe that Momentum token is a great project for those that are wanting to receive a decentralized rewards system. If the project is successful, then it will create a lot of opportunities for customers to gain rewards while helping businesses keep their consumers attracted to their brands. As of now, we’ll have to see how the project performs in the future.


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