NiQBiX ICO Review: Solutions For Future Cities

What is NiQBiX?

NiQBiX ICOToday, most blockchain technologies are based on transactions and the sharing of data. They’re investment tools, means of exchanging currency, and transferring information. NiQBiX, however, has a different idea for how blockchain can be used in the future.

In the future, cities will only continue to grow, and some statistics state that by 2050, 70% of the world’s population will live within large megacities that take up only 2% of the earth itself. Along with these mega-cities will come significant problems that need solutions, especially in the area of infrastructure.

NiQBiX wants to create a blockchain that entire cities can run on. Each system or divisive piece of city infrastructure will function as a node and will be able to communicate with other nodes along with local data structures. The idea is for the physical city to function as a secure, decentralized blockchain network.


  • City Planning: For a megalopolis to function, it needs to be incredibly well-organized. Every square foot of space needs to be utilized in the most efficient manner possible. NiQBiX is going to create an infrastructure grid that will make city streets, walkways, and public transportation manageable and intuitive. People will be able to get to where they need, when they need.
  • Payment Grid: If you can put an entire city on one large payment grid, then everybody is accountable, and the ledgers are kept integral with blockchain ledgers and smart contracts. A decentralized payment grid for the city is the best way to keep everything moving quickly.
  • Energy Grid: NiQBiX has a vision to use their network to support green energy in all of its various forms. People will be encouraged to create, use, share, and distribute the green energy that they generate through the NiQBiX network.

What Issue Does it Solve?

NiQBiX solves the issue that will come with the rapid growth of cities. There will need to be fine-tuned planning if the cities of the future are going to be functional. The best way to ensure the success of a mega-city is to keep everything on one grid where it can be managed, controlled, and the flow of data and power is completely decentralized. In essence, the city will be able to function much like a computer network, with all nodes in constant communication with each other.

Token Sale Information

Disclaimer: All information on this post is made to educate our readers. Don’t invest in any ICO unless you’re confident about its capabilities and do so at your own risk.

  • NiQBiX is creating a plan for the future of civilization
  • Their system will support green energy and encourage the production of it
  • NiQBiX has a large focus on infrastructure which is integral for a large city

  • NiQBiX has some very large goals, and their idea would require mass-adoption or at least the support of one major city.
  • It will cost a lot of money and require a lot of political influence to make their dream possible.



NiQBiX has a dream for the future. They also have a roadmap to get there. Needless to say, this is a company that has a long-term vision and one with which investors may need to exercise patience if they wish to profit in the long run. The initial ICO will be able to support the research and development along with test implementation of their network onto city grids. If the idea takes off, then they could very well revolutionize the future of large cities.


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