Nox Box ICO Review: Blockchain for the Service Industry

What is Nox Box?

Nox Box is a decentralized platform that allows users to obtain services from professionals near their location. It works by having a Nox Box app that allows the user to obtain any service, whether is a local mechanic or a taxi driver to take them to their desired location.

With Nox Box, it attempts to make global services easier to perform by connecting users who are in need of assistance. Through blockchain technology, everyone receives a reputation on the network, and it cannot be erased or changed. Thus, making it a reliable platform for those wanting to obtain high-quality service at their fingertips.


  • Globality: Ability to provide and receive services throughout the world with one single click.
  • Ratings: The ratings will be recorded and ensure high-quality service and help each of the service providers obtain a reputation.
  • Token: NBX token is the native currency of all Noxbox applications. The token will be used to help users obtain professional services and interact with each other on the platform.

What Issue Does it Solve?

Nowadays there are over a million of cryptocurrency owners. And as a rule, they have a pragmatic mindset, appreciate their time, and have farsightedness. They notice how much time they spend on repeated actions such as massage, manicure, tire service, food delivery, plumbing services, and construction.

And their major concern isn’t the time of obtaining the service; they want the service to be provided correctly and have high quality.

The main issue about most these repetitive services is that they tend to waste time. Through the use of Nox Box, it uses blockchain technology to help users find high-quality service providers who assist them in less than 1 minute.

Then, the service provider arrives at your house and performs the service in under 15 minutes. The system uses cryptocurrency to make the transaction and is transferred automatically. And, the user’s rating is updated in 0 minutes. Thus, making Nox Box a good platform for the service industry.

Token Sale Information

  • Website: View
  • Whitepaper: Read
  • Accepted Payment: BTC, Waves, ETCH, Fiat
  • Price: 1 NBX = 0.01 USD
  • Platform: Waves

Disclaimer: All information is used for educational purposes. Only invest in ICOs that your trust and do so at your own risk.

  • Service Incentive: For providing services to other Nox Box users, you obtain Nox Coin which can be used to buy additional services or traded for other cryptocurrencies.
  • MVP Provided: Nox Box has a beta version of their final product which can be used to test out local services.
  • Experienced Team: With over 20 years of development experience and 5+ members, Nox Box has a dedicated team that continuously refines their product until project completion.

  • Safety: How will the service providers stay protected when they meet other users via Nox Box?
  • Competition: There’s already a few service ICO projects out there, making it a challenge for Nox Box to dominate the market.

Nox Box


To conclude, Nox Box is a project that helps users get global services within minutes. Not only does it use blockchain to ensure that each action is recorded, but it also allows you to obtain profit via trading the coins. Conclusively, this is an ICO to watch if you want to decentralize the current service industry.


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