On.Live ICO Review: Professional Broadcasting Decentralized

What is OnLive?

OnLive is a project made with the goal to revolutionize the remote consultation and the video consultation market. It provides unlimited availability and scalability by creating a decentralized Peer-to-Peer network and through the use of blockchain technology.

The project’s objective is to work in the direct advisory platform markets. Customers can find valuable content and specialist teams available and obtain access to their knowledge.

OnLive’s platform makes a blockchain ecosystem that helps with sales through the live broadcasts and areas for live streaming content. Then, they sell that space to an audience at an affordable price.

With OnLive, users can provide services virtually from any location through broadcasting. They can earn money by providing valuable content in multiple business sectors. OnLive uses blockchain to assist in residential tokens and transactions. Their platform is used for commerce, transaction, and real-time communication.

onlive ico reviewAspects

  • Transcoding Marketplace: Its Transcoding Marketplace is a decentralized marketplace that’s used to transcode services.
  • Pay Per Minute: OnLive has a live platform feature where the users are charged for each minute of the video. This is great for lectures, interactive events, etc.
  • Pay Per View: A one-time payment that’s called a “Ticket” is the main choice for music concerts, sports matches, etc.
  • Private Session Marketplace: A decentralized marketplace for one-to-one broadcasts. Users can book an online meeting with an expert and or make instant transactions.
  • Public Broadcast Marketplace: A market that’s used for broadcasts and is supported by transcoders.

What Issue Does it Solve?

Obtaining professional services can be difficult with today’s platform. This is because they are centralized, or don’t have a simple way for professionals to assist others. Because of this, OnLive created their project to correct this issue.

How does it do this? By creating a network where users can broadcast their services, they can be connected to users who are in demand for their service. This creates a two-factor marketplace where the users (demand) create a symbiotic relationship the professionals (supply).

Token Sale Information

Disclaimer: We create content for informational purposes only. If you do plan on investing in an ICO, do so at your own risk.

  • Broadcasting: Professionals can use OnLive to teach their viewers either publically or through one-on-one private streams.
  • Decentralized Professional Information: With OnLive, users can receive insider information from professionals and use OnLive tokens to get learn it at a lower cost.
  • Token Utilization: OnLive creates a reliable platform where you can earn their tokens by providing content or browsing. Additionally, you can use the tokens to watch broadcasts, lectures, concerts, etc.

  • Information Quality: We wonder how OnLive will work in controlling the quality of information on its network. It hasn’t been thoroughly explained in the Whitepaper.



To conclude, we think that OnLive has good growth potential. If users are able to work on the network correctly, it can help increase the global economy and improve the broadcasting industry. We’ll just have to see the project’s results in the future!


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