OpenBlock: ICO Review

What is OpenBlock

OpenBlock is a pairing platform with OBi, OpenBlocks automated and artificial intelligence trading bot that will allow members to pair their coins with OBs and make a potential of 1200 trades per day. The AI trading bot uses algorithms to maximise earning potential by analysing market insight data, it knows when to enter trades into currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum by using technical analysis, analytics, statistical models and machine learning.

OpenBlock ICOOpenBlocks pairing platform does all of this whilst comparing it with other cryptocurrency pairs, volume traded, support levels, resistance and 30 day moving averages. Fifty percent of OpenBlocks earnings will go to OBs token holders payed out in Bitcoin whilst the remaining fifty percent will be retained by OpenBlocks management to cover fees, expenses and staff to maximise precision potential and profits which will be made through coding updates and machine learning tools to excel past, prior competition.

What Issue Does it Solve?

OpenBlocks main belief is that ‘human trading is obsolete.’ OB believe that its automated and artificial intelligence bot can excel past and solve human trading errors ‘providing consistent profits day in, day out.’ For example, a human is limited to working a few hours a day and will become impatient as a human needs sleep. The average person sleeps eight hours a day, he/she may become impatient when tired and sell too early as they want to go to bed, the trader may have made a profit but may not have maximised their profits by waiting a few more hours. However, OpenBlocks AI trading bot trades 24 hours a day, it does not tire like a human so it can make more trades than a human, and does trade dozens of pairs daily. Because of this, the AI trading bot can be very patient and can maximise profits more effectively and efficiently than a human.

Humans also make the mistake of buying the rumour and letting emotions take over their trading strategies. This could be down to a friend telling them something that does sound very good but the investor has no knowledge about the cryptocurrency and invests anyway as they have emotional ties with their friend such as trust and greed. The human doesn’t know this but he has let greed and trust take over to make his money which can be very risky even though he could get lucky. However OpenBlocks pairing platform trades with predefined rules and regulations with zero emotional ties to the investments it makes so that the OpenBlocks token holders are always experiencing a positive return and not betting on false gossip.

Humans can tend to be over reliant on chart analysis and actually create poor research,  investing all of their funds into only one or two stocks increasing their risk factor by not diversifying, lacking risk management. Off course, high risk can pay off very well but it can also be devastating to the investor but OpenBlock believe their pairing platform scans appropriate news reals, uses technical analysis and statistical models before investing, understanding risk management and constantly machine learning 24/7, throughout the future. Therefore risk is minimised but potential/actual returns to OpenBlocks token holders are maximised.

Token Sale Information

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Disclaimer: All information on this post is made to educate our readers. Don’t invest in any ICO unless you’re confident about its capabilities and do so at your own risk.

  • Transparency of trades: Blockchain believes transparency is key to its token holders and livestreams its trades in real time, posting daily results of individual trades and daily profits earned and as its blockchain, transactions are unable to be meddled with.
  •  Privacy and Enhanced Security: OpenBlock uses a peer to peer node so a third party will be unable to obtain your information or your data.
  • Decentralised and Faster Transactions: As OpenBlock uses a newer generation of blockchain it’s able to handle any number of transaction volume without having to be updated. This also means that you are able to get faster confirmation times whilst having the ability to wait for confirmations when selling larger ticket items.

  • Returns of 50%: OpenBlock takes 50% of returns and uses it to pay for management fees, expenses and staff but if OpenBlock are expanding in the next few years we should expect to receive a higher percentage in return over a longer period of time.



Given that OpenBlocks artificial intelligence bot is self learning, this ICO will be a key player in the years to come. Regardless if the returns are split 50-50 initially, the tokens are reinvested into OpenBlock so that it can improve itself to benefit all token holders in the future. We wish Openblock the very best in the near future.

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