Palm Beach Confidential November 2nd Predictions

Before I start, please understand that these are purely speculative predictions. I am not a financial advisor.

This pick relates to:

So what Teeka has told us:

So now we have to go back and list all the coins that are possibilities. We will cover featured coins and side coins that have been mentioned in previous PBCs.

  • BAT
  • GNT
  • SYS
  • XRP

If we only use coins that have gained previous Palm Beach Confidential features and not just a buy signal alert, or a side mention in an article then we are left with:

  • XRP

The two of these that look most promising are: GOLEM (GNT) and Ripple (XRP)

BAT had released their mercury protocol and did not gain even a mention in the October’s Palm Beach Confidential release.

STORJ has received no mention recently, and on the 23-25th of October was trading far above 0.20 cents. Closer to 0.35 cents.

SYS only has a buy up to of 0.30 cents and was a short term position.

Here are the long term holds list of PBC:

Golem (GNT) received a short term buy up to of $0.60 in the recent article. GolemTeeka puts reserved buy up to points to keep his readers safe. The 0.60 cents buy up to on Golem looks very bullish to me as it’s 3x the current price, meaning Teeka expects this to rise some multiplier even at a buy point of 0.60 cents.

Ripple (XRP) has also been claimed before by Teeka to be able to rise 1000%. From 20 cents to $2 per coin. You can see in the following image:


From this I can only conclude a 50/50 split between XRP and GNT.

BAT, SYS, and STORJ are all possible although highly unlikely.

I don’t see any other coins being possible contenders.

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