Parsec Frontiers: ICO Review

What is Parsec Frontiers?

Parsec Frontiers is a project that’s creating an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) that’s powered by Parsec Credits. These credits are used to help users buy items and perks within the game. Since they are using blockchain framework, the credits are encrypted and cannot be hacked from the user’s balance.

parsec frontiers icoPlayers will battle each other on a Milky Way galaxy, trade, craft more advanced objects and ships and be able to obtain ship goods. The entire essence of the project is to create a transparent, safe platform that stores all in-game resources while providing very fast transactions within the platform.

Here are some important aspects of the Parsec project:

  • Blockchain-enhanced tokens that are used to buy rare items within the game.
  • PARSEC coin will be tradable on major crypto exchanges.
  • Creates intrinsic value for the game’s resources.
  • Seamless profits and transactions
  • Verification of player items and resources within PARSEC’s in-game economy.

What Problem Does it Solve?

One of the biggest issues that occur in most MMOs is counterfeit markets. These markets have users attempting to sell services and goods that are produced via illegal methods (glitching, fake accounts, etc.).

Another issue is the creation of a cost-effective blockchain MMO that can scale. Having a server to hold millions of users would cost around $1 million USD a day. Because of this, there are some changes that need to be made within the gaming industry if it wants to advance with crypto technology as well.

Parsec Frontiers is one of the first blockchain-based games that fight against this problem. It does this by combining Ethereum’s blockchain network with their own custom chain. This helps improves the game’s storage capacity, speed, scalability, and cost. By doing this, Parsec has the potential to be a high-quality block-chain game that’s able to adapt to new users on its network.

ICO Information

  • Website:View
  • Whitepaper: Read
  • Fundraising Goal: 2500 ETH (Softcap) – 10759 (Hardcap)
  • Total Supply: 30,856,775,800 PRSC
  • ICO Sale: May 15th 2018 – May 30th 2018

Disclaimer: All of the information produced in this article is made for educational purposes only. If you plan on investing in any ICO, then do so at your own risk.

  • Community Owned: Parsec is a game that’s owned by the community members and the gamers. This means that the game continuously changes even when the user is offline. This helps create a dynamic virtual world that incentivizes users for participating and playing consistently.
  • Social Interaction: This game promotes an environment that allows players to interact with each other socially. Players receive PARSEC when they create alliances and work together within the game’s ecosystem.
  • Unique Concept: Parsec Frontiers is the first ICO project that plans on creating an MMORPG that’s continuous and is player-driven. Because of this, it will become a dominant player in the blockchain-gaming industry if it completes its project.

  • Gaming Environment: Since the game is community driven, how will the creators of the resolve community conflict?
  • Overscoping/Underestimating: Most gaming projects fail because they either underestimate or overscope the entire project? How will Parsec Frontiers plan their project so that it reaches completion?

Parsec Frontiers


Mainly, Parsec Frontiers is a future MMO that will use blockchain technology to improve the player’s experience. By December 2019, the project plans to fully launch the game and open all features (including combat) to the players. Overall, this game will be interesting, and we can’t wait for its release!


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