Pigzbe (WLO): ICO Review

What is Pigzbe?

Pigzbe icoPigzbe is an app designed to be your child’s first wallet. Through the medium of an engaging virtual world, Pigzbe encourages the development of positive spending and saving practices in children. As more Wollo (Pigzbe’s native token) is saved, the virtual world becomes more vibrant and engaging-which serves to both reinforce lessons in effective money management and promote continued interest in the app. The wallet is managed by the child’s parent or guardian with the option to create a network of trusted family members who would have the ability to send funds to the wallet as gifts, allowances or rewards for completing tasks or chores.


  • Cryptocurrency for families: Pigzbe utilizes the Wollo cryptocurrency which allows parents, guardians, and family members to transfer both, large and small sums internationally, immediately and most importantly- securely.
  • Physical device: In addition to dramatically enhancing the immersion of Pigzbe the device also serves to further compound the valuable educational aspects Pigzbe has to offer through the use of audio, visual and haptic feedback- transitioning the app from behind the screen to the real world. The device doubles as secure cold storage wallet- with safety standards being comparable to industry level devices such as Trezor or Ledger.
  • A card for real-world spending: Additionally, the Wollo card enables users of Pigzbe to spends from their wallet into the real world. The application of pre-programmed parental control restrictions prevents the purchase, of age-restricted products such as alcohol or tobacco, adult entertainment, and online gambling- giving parents peace of mind that their child will be both protected and well equipped when handling with transactions in the real world.

What Issue Does it Solve?

Pigzbes idea of an online wallet works as an alternative for actual money, with the physical device granting a firsthand entertainment/learning means which teaches children the main ‘principles of earning, saving and managing money.’ This concept can be used to bribe, reward and gift children, educating them on the true value of money- preparing them for the real world in the years to come.

Token Sale Information

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Disclaimer: All information on this post is made to educate our readers. Don’t invest in any ICO unless you’re confident about its capabilities and do so at your own risk.

  • Educates children on the true value of money from a young age
  • Physical gaming device encourages a fun learning concept
  • Instant transfers that can be made globally
  • Low transaction fees

  • Wollo card is still being developed for real world usage



Pigzbe’s concept is great and will benefit the whole family as children will want to earn money and find its true value in a fun and educational way. Kids will more likely want to do chores, preparing them for independence at a young age but also ease pressure off parents to do all housework. Given the Wollo card is created soon and online transactions are easy to make for children to buy whatever goods and service they need, with the money they’ve accumulated, Pigzbe can be a new favorite for families.

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