Pitch Ventures ICO Review: Decentralized Crowdfunding for Entrepreneurs

What is Pitch?

Pitch is a project that wants to change the way investors have token sales. The company made an application to help startup companies receive more exposure and funding.

Its main mission is to combine the benefits of venture capital fundraising exposure and an ICO crowdfunding campaign. ICOs help startups gain money, but they don’t have exposure to experts or institutional investors.

pitch icoAspects

Here’s a basic overview as to how Pitch works:

  • Startups and entrepreneurs give information on the project they’re pitching for.
  • Investors can choose which startups they want to view. (i.e., startups that they want to pitch/have a live chat with).
  • Audiences view the startup’s pitch in real-time.
  • Investors and audience members can buy tokens during the startup’s live pitch.

Pitch is a blend of cryptocurrencies, shark tanks, and a Kickstarter campaign. It offers better audience engagement while giving startups and entrepreneurs better access to live audiences, investors, and business experts.

For users, they can download the Pitch app and view what companies they are planning to learn about. The entrepreneur receives a notification that a potential customer wants to speak to a company. Then, they can get online and start pitching immediately. Followers from both users are also notified and can view the pitch as well.

What Problems Does it Solve?

Traditional venture capitalist fundraising programs are known for being exclusive. Because of this Pitch allows entrepreneurs to create their own token sales and sell a portion of their tokens through live video broadcasts to professionals within their industry.

The audience of live business experts can interact in a chatroom, and send their comments and questions throughout the pitch. They can buy tokens from projects that have gained their attention.

The beta version of Pitch Live Platform is currently available for iOS users. However, some features are inaccessible without using credits.

Token Sale Information

Disclaimer: Our content is for educational purposes only. Don’t invest unless you’ve spoken to your advisor first.

Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1760890

  • Decentralization: Pitch is migrating to Ethereum’s blockchain (it currently ran on AWS). Eventually, the app will be stored on an IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) so that the data isn’t constrained to one entity.
  • Contributor Rewards: People who contribute by analyzing token sales that have been pitched by entrepreneurs. The more respected and well-known the experts are, the more people they will draw to the platform.
  • In-App Token Buying Mechanism: Startup and Entrepreneur token sellers can sell their tokens through a crowd sale contract. Interested investors can send their tokens to the contract address.

  • Vague Smart Contract: How will its smart contracting system protect entrepreneurs from users who buy their tokens for the wrong intentions?
  • Protection of Tokens: While PITCH tokens are protected, how will this platform protect entrepreneur’s crowdsale tokens?



If you’re looking for an ICO that helps startups and entrepreneur get the exposure and funding they need, Pitch Ventures shows some good potential. Conclusively, if it follows up on its promises, we might see a huge shift in the crowdfunding economy.


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