Retail.Global: ICO Review

How Does Retail.Global Work?

When you browse e-commerce sites as a buyer or as a vendor, you will realize that things could progress so much more smoothly if all of the aspects of your business are unified. This is the goal of Retail.Global, which is hoping to create a marketplace-as-a-service that will benefit both the consumer and the seller.

Retail Global ICOOther than unifying the various aspects of a vendor’s business, sellers will have access to rewards, payments will be made with complete security, and you will also have access to a global supply chain.

What Problems Does it Solve?

  • Clunky E-commerce Interfaces: While they have been improving dramatically over the past few years, the fact is that many e-commerce platforms could do with some modernization. If Retail.Global breaks into the market, their competitors will have to scramble to match their model.
  • Unification of Vendor and Customer: A lot of the time, it can be a challenge to find the online vendor that you need, but Retail.Global hopes to make it a simple process through your taste profile and your account. In the end, this ICO hopes to simplify e-commerce to the greatest possible extent.

ICO Information

  • Website: Here
  • White Paper: Read
  • Fundraising Goal: Soft cap: 2 million RGT Hard cap: 20 million RGT
  • Accepted Tokens: BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DASH

Bountyhive username: thetechinsider

Disclaimer: The information on this post was made for educational purposes only. If you do plan on investing in ICOs, then do so at your own risk.

  • Unifies Your Online Marketplace Needs: Unlike other e-commerce providers, Retail.Global hopes to make it easier for vendors to operate. This may come as a surprise to some readers when you consider how other e-commerce sites tend to be an organizational challenge for the owner of the storefront.
  • Rewards Program: As with many other ICOs, there is also a rewards program in which you are granted tokens for using the Retail.Global service. This is the beauty of a marketplace that is presented as a service, as everyone will come out happy in the end.
  • Versatile Online Storefront: As with any other e-commerce business, it is likely that the storefront will be the first part of the site to undergo scrutiny. Retail.Global’s store will be accessible, and it will use all of the available tools in modern web design to make for an intuitive user experience.

  • A Saturated Market: As with any ICO that seeks to capitalize on an e-commerce opportunity, you will find that Retail.Global has plenty of competition. If you would rather invest in fields where your ICO is the only innovator, it is likely that Retail.Global is not the right choice.



Retail.Global may have an ambitious goal, but it is one that is possible with enough work and a hefty enough investment. Hopefully, they will be able to use their wisdom to shake up the e-commerce market and bring something new to it after so long.


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