Scavenger Hunt Token: ICO Review

What is Scavenger Hunt Token?

Since technology has evolved, people have started to live more sedentary lives. This means that they go out less, interact with fewer people, and spend time on their video game consoles, phones, TV, and headsets.

Scavenger Hunt Token ICOScavenger Hunt Token solves this problem by giving users the ability to interact with others while rewarding them financially. Users can obtain free crypto tokens when using Scavenger Hunt Token when they find them in various locations outside.

There are approximately 20,450,880,000 ST tokens that are hidden in the world for users to find. The coins are hidden via an algorithm that uses a preconfigured contract key and a one-way activation key that’s based on the GPS location.


Responsive and Dynamic: ST token uses the latest web technology and can be used on a smartphone or a tablet. Their backend uses Node.JS that communicates with the ETH network directly. This allows for any web browser to access the ST without needing to use additional plugins like Meta Mask.

ERC 20 Compliant: Scavenger Hunt Tokens are completely ERC 20 compliant. This means that users can buy, sell, trade the tokens with Ethereum users. You can add them to exchanges where you can trade with them!

Secure: Scavenger Hunt’s system is created to keep your tokens and ETH safe. It does this by not storing the wallet encryption password. The wallet data is fully encrypted before it even reaches the database. It only uses your key to unlock it. As a result, users can safely use the platform without the risk of their data being stolen.

Token Metrics

  • Website: View
  • Whitepaper: Read
  • Fundraising Goal: N/A
  • Token Sale: 250 SHT tokens for 0.001 ETH
  • Dates: May 1st – June 30th, 2018

Bounty0x profile: @jeremycole

  • App Included: Scavenger Hunt Token does have an app where users can start searching around for tokens. As time progresses, we’ll be able to see this app become more widely used.
  • Uses Proven Technology: Scavenger Hunt Token uses widely accepted technology such as Asynchronous JavaScript, Ethereum Smart Contracts, OpenStreetMap, Node.js, JQuery to create a powerful network for users willing to participate on its platform.
  • 3 Smart Contracts: This platform has over 3 smart contracts which are used to store all SHT data and events on the blockchain: (SHT1: 0x77f07B4831113143C24dd651a682c001D9d7E3b4, SHT2: 0x8376fa08a88B649FB9e506574ED1754c09A79e09, SHT3: 0x66bDcF4FE81029F8CC053ef7944e2EeE2B4C2F53).

  • No Whitepaper: Scavenger Hunt Token has stated on their website that they don’t have a whitepaper available. While their reasoning behind this is so that they can develop the application, the lack of a white paper will turn some investors away.
  • Financial Information: SHT doesn’t have a direct fundraising goal, soft cap, or a hard cap and it can be difficult to determine what the project’s token goals are.
  • Team Availability: On the site, it only displays the CEO (Julien Moorrees) of the project. This might lower its credibility for some investors that want to fund a project with a full team.

Scavenger Hunt Token


Mainly, Scavenger Hunt Token is an ICO that’s innovative, dynamic, and very intuitive. We would like to see this ICO develop within the upcoming years due to its ability to make a game out of cryptocurrency. In conclusion, we hope that the project is successful as it would help improve the Augmented Reality industry and help people socialize more often!


Adam Cole has been a crypto enthusiast for years. First getting involved in Bitcoin mining in late 2010, he has now diversified his portfolio and dug deeper into the alternative coins of the space.As new and exciting ideas arise in cryptocurrency, Jeremy is always looking for the next big thing and a coin which not only appreciates in value but also has a steady increase in use and demand. Jeremy has seen the rise of coins such as Ethereum and by studying the technical and fundamental side of ETH, he has learnt how to find similar coins that are likely to have a bright future.

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